Metroid: Other M glitch

I started playing my new game today and got to a room in sector 3 that dead ends at a red door with no way to open it and no way to go back. After checking the guides and looking at this picture of a happy green door

I seem to be one of the select few people that are totally screwed out of finishing this game. The door is not supposed to be locked, and there is no method to open it listed or indeed intended as this is a completely one way path after the grapple points drop you over the high wall.

So to anyone that might want to buy this game, it was really great up until that point. Maybe you will get lucky and actually be able to finish it like all the pirates did last week. I don't think wii games even have patches like ps3 does so I will likely need to start over and redo about 6 hours and hopefully the door will be green like it is supposed to be.

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