Poll: How Much Money Do You Spend On Video Games Per Year? (help me with my work)

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Yes is one of those times again escapist where you get to help me with my college work.
I just need to know on average how much money you spend on are beloved video games. Just the games, not the things you play them on.
If you feel in the mood to comment however please answer these questions for me
How often do you buy games that are pre-owned?
and how often do you play free games? (games designed and intended to be free e.g. flash games)

Around £346-433 (converted from Euros, as is every other amount in this post). I tend to go on a buying spree every three months or so, each time for about £108, on average.

In total, I get around 10 new releases a year at prices between £17 to £60, depending on what system they're for and whether I get a particular game at release or wait around for a price drop.

I also buy a number of pre-owned older releases, mostly from older generations. How many I buy and how much I spend on them is hard to guess. It depends on me coming across something I like, which tends to happen at random intervals. Though I try to spend as little as possible on them. Let's just put a £50 on there for conveniences sake.

I rarely ever play free games, with the exception of roguelikes like Dungeon Crawl, which I get into 2 or 3 times a year for a couple of days.

Not much, maybe $200-300 Aus a year, which is about 2-3 games, or more for the same price recently since the combination of Steam and a net cap greater than 10gig has entered the picture.

not more than 50pounts. I buy maybe 2 or 3 games a year since i havent upgraded my PC in Years i get them pretty cheap.

As soon as i had a regular income i'd say i bought overall a game per month so that's somewhere between 400-600 Pounds dpending on the platform (because Console Games are more expensive).

Everybody who plays MMORPGs and only has a few hours per day like me will probably agree with me that you spend much less money for games suddenly because MMOs use up so much time.
So since i started playing MMOs and i include the monthly fee i'd say i'm down to 200 Pounds max. (yes there i said it, MMOs actually save money for regular gamers)

Well, I've been buying games since 1981 (when I got my first job at the age of 6) ... and I own about 1,200 games.
So, on average, that's over 500 pounds a year.

This is not counting hardware, such as a tournament edition arcade stick.

Add to that the silly amount of games I've played in the video arcades, and I've probably spent over AU$100,000 on gaming over the years.

Still, that's much much less than the amount I've invested in artificial intelligence research, so I think it's a sensible amount proportional to my income.

thanks alot to all the people dealing with the fact I'm using a diffrent currency then theres!

Did you want us to include rental service fees or just game purchases?
I did and it's the bulk of what I spend: 3/5ths.
My used purchases are about 50/50 with the new. Usually they're just games from the rental service I decide to keep.

I guess about 250 pounds. I buy a lot of games, but most of them as soon as the price drops.

It varies wildly from month to month, but I think I spent around £280, converted from DKK. I usually only buy 1 or 2 titles around launch and the rest are discounted, digital downloads, second hand and bargain bin stuffers.
As a student I try to stretch the contents of my wallet as far as I can, and Assassin's Creed 2 isn't worse because of me being a bit behind the curve.

kinda interesting, the reason I asked is because when you buy a preowned game, none of the money goes to the developer of the game.

A lot of the games I buy are used, with usually at least only 1-2 new games in there. I'll spend $120 US on new games, then buy about another $60 in "big" used games, or more recent titles that are used. Then I'll probably buy about 15 games at about $7 a piece, so to round up, another $100 US

So in total it comes to about 175 pounds I guess. This year will be more since I've already boughten Bulletstorm new, and I'm soon to preorder Duke Nukem Forever and Infamous 2, both of them the special edition, so that's 160 pounds there and I've still got plenty of smaller games to buy to beef up my PS2 collection while also getting cheaper classics for PS3/X360

I rent a lot of my games from work for free so I'm able to get away with not buying a lot of the big new titles, and only buy older games I've wanted to play for a while, or a game I liked when I rented that's usually less than 10 pounds roughly

But it's about 175 pounds converted

Depends on year and source but I'd say somewhere around £101 - £150.
Source being Steam, PSN and regular stores.

Then again, can you really blame me for buying used when new copies are nowhere to be found? I'm getting a N64 this year and I already have several rare and old PS2 games that I only found in the past 2 years. Then there's the fact that I sometimes give a game a chance only to find that I completely hated (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Reflex Edition, Obscure: Aftermath, Endless Ocean) or at least didn't like enough (Cursed Mountain, Monster Hunter Tri). I'd be very angry with myself if I wasted money on a game that I could neither enjoy or get all my money back for. Case in point: I bought Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Secret Agent Clank, but neither were up to standard of the series. Combined, I wasted about $35 on those two games when I should have saved it for a N64.

Including or excluding the hardware required?

I spend around 150 euros/$200 a year, and normally refuse to buy a game over $40 (unless I know it's going to be really good like Portal 2). The majority of what I buy are used PS2 games and new DS games. I rarely play free games, I have a ton of them on my phone but I also keep my DS in my purse so I always have it on me. I have an extremely short attention span.

Including or excluding the hardware required?

Nope just the games.

I probably spend alot of money on games, more than I think :S I really love computer games and I have every platform. I have a thing where I can happily play somthing for ages and then I will totally go off it and then go onto somthing else then I will go back to the other thing again. :p I think its that aspect of my personality that means I spend alot more than is sane.

really depends on what i find, id say somewhat between £30- 50

buts thats due in fact i can get games for a pound/ 2 pounds at cash converters, and i havent had a decent gaming rig untill this year.

oh and btw dont try and guilt trip me into oh noes the developers arent getting any moneys, yes i know get over it, im buying my games legally you want to fight about it.

Just new games, or pre owned too? Because Pre owned is basically all I get.

Not that much because I'm cheap and wait for Christmas and birthday whenever something comes out remotely close.

But...I did play WoW for 7 months last year, so that's $105 right there. And I did buy a few steam and virtual console games. Probably about $200-$250 USD

Oh, and I usually buy pre-owned if it's a last gen game (obviously, it's hard to find a new Shadow of the Colossus, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, or F-zero GX), or if it's a game that I know will sell well anyway and I can wait for a cheaper copy.

Well, this last year I calculated about $600 in online sales (for the purposes of California's online tax); this amount was mostly games. It's slightly inflated from normal due to my having acquired about 125 iPod games during this time; but other than that it's pretty indicative.

I'm acquiring quite a collection, if I do say so myself. 100 or 200 physical-copy games, 120 or so Steam games, 35-40 games on Gamer's Gate, 30-40 games on Direct2Drive, about ten on Impulse, 15 to 20 on GOG.com, and 220 or thereabouts on the iPod.

The vast majority, of course, were acquired on the cheap - but it's volume, not price, that matters for collections (in my view). I have pretty much half the notable games released on PC in the past ten years... but the pride and joy of my collection is an original boxed copy (in good condition, although I had to repair a few rips) of Age of Empires - the very first game I ever bought!

Lucifer dern:
If you feel in the mood to comment however please answer these questions for me
How often do you buy games that are pre-owned?
and how often do you play free games? (games designed and intended to be free e.g. flash games)

I will sometimes play a free to play MMORPG, but not all that often.

I do buy used games, but usually not with the intent of trading them back. When I want to support a game developer (because I've liked their previous titles) I buy new on release day.

Also, while I buy a good number of games, I don't always buy with cash. I get a lot with gift cards (which I get as "cash back" from my credit card, which I use for groceries, gas, and shopping - I get a 25 dollar gift card every two-three months, more if there's a major purchase or a vacation in there).

I get a lot of games as gifts - I have a number of gamer friends who sometimes buy me games. They usually buy used. And, because my friends sometimes buy me games that they like, but that I don't, those are the games that often get traded in after a play-through (or less if I really don't like the game) for other games.

I converted by USD purchases to pounds above - I think I got the exchange rate right.

Umm... a lot.

No idea how much though. Still less idea how much it would come to in pounds.

Hm. This wasn't much use. Sorry.

The amount per year depends on the amount of games that I want released that year, and it's generally 5 or 6 new games so about £200, then arcade and digital games much be another £50.

I don't buy a used game unless I can't find it new. I prefer my money going back to the developer rather that the retailer.

Considering I only usually buy about 1 game (or the equivalent) a year it's about $60 USD (which I translated to be about £42).

I'll probably spend a little more this year though with lots of games that I want coming out (Brink, Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, inFamous 2).

I don't have a lot of money so I don't buy quite often and the fact I own a Wii (no offence to those who own and like it) which mean there aren't that many games worth buying on the Wii. Anyway I voted £51- £100 since there are games that I am waiting to buy for and I do make use of the trades in and preowned games. Also in Christmas I do buy more games on sales.

I'd say about 200 pound. More if I could find some way to survive without food. Most of these games are pre used games or old games that has gone on sale. Ex-student with no job doesn't allow for a too hefty gaming budget.

I'm not sure what the exchange rate is but around $200 US.

Since i haven't had a job for a while, and now have a new rige and some money to spend, I have to guess here: I estimate it will be somewhere around £300-£400 this year, maybe a bit more since £170 or so i already spent this year so far.

I don't buy any used games at all, but that may be just because i almost exclusively buy through Steam.

I don't play free, flash, or f2p games except Alien Swarm, which i played quite a few hours with friends.

I'm not sure what the exchange rate is but around $200 US.

just Google "200 USD in GBP" ;)

I'm probably not calculating this right, but somewhere between 200-300. Back when I was gainfully employed I'd get myself a "new" game each month or so, new meaning new for me, not necessarily new on the shelves. So the price of the game could be anything between $20-60. Now that I don't have disposable income, it's been a good few months since I've purchased a game for myself. I pre-ordered The Sims Medieval, but that's definitely the first game I've gotten for myself since Christmas.

about 100-150£ ; hooray for very affordable indie games on steam (even if they're short, sometimes)! and not even a handful of AAA games.

About £300-400 last year. Age 13.
This year about £250.

It depends on releases, maybe around £150? That'd be around 2-3 new releases and some old thing or special offer on Steam/PSN that catches my eye.

Lucifer dern:

Including or excluding the hardware required?

Nope just the games.

that would make the 200 - 300 pounds range then, at the current rates.

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