games with zero replay value

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I think it is down to opinion. if you like a game you will think it has good re-playability. I have played through halo reach, portal and mirrors edge all each more than 5x (times) and still enjoy playing through the campaign's. Games I can not play again are ones I really don't like, for example I didn't like borderlands (played it by myself though) and do not feel like playing it again but I know that they're are plenty of people who would disagree and I wouldn't blame them. unless it is a really bad game (and as much as everyone dislike's black ops it is actually a half decent game, if people think black ops is bad then they have never played a bad game) pirate's of the Caribbean at worlds end for PS2 was a bad game.

To be honest, I enjoyed Indigo Prophecies more, and felt it had the most in terms of replayability

Heh. I was about to mention that as my game I will never replay under any circumstances ever, and then I saw your post. The first few hours of it were completely amazing, but then it degenerated into progressively more of a disaster at an increasing pace, and it was hard enough to force myself to finish it even once. It's like the video game equivalent of permanently ruining its own childhood just during the course of the game itself.

Most of them. The more story heavy the more I never want to touch them again.
I mean I loved Mass Effect but I had my playthrough, I designed my story. I will never play it again.

ANY RPG. I've already spent 30-40-50 hours on it. I'm not going through that shit again.

That's exactly what happened with Mass Effect. I beat the first one and I got RROD 'ed and therefore had to buy a new 360. then I got Mass Effect 2 and I wanted to migrate all my ME1 saves and stuff so I could continue the story with my previous choices but I couldn't.

So I said **** it and bought the PS3 version of ME2.

If a game is good I will want to play it again. I might not get to it but the yearn will be there. Games that lack replay value are simply bad games or very very long games and IMO most really long games are bad. So the worst games I have played recently have been Dante's Inferno, Dragon Age Origins, Fable 2, Fallout 3, and Arcanum. Arcanum was the best of the bunch but still very flawed and just not good for many reasons. It was also very long.

Singularity. All the endings were stupid, in my own opinion. Not to mention the HUGE plot hole that's noticiable in the beginning:

Seriously. The whole game fixing the mistake you HAD to make. You didn't even have to but the game MADE you.

Game, if you're going to shove plot devices down my throat at least buy me dinner first.

Any Metal Gear Solid Game. I enjoyed them the first time around, but on subsequent playthroughs I the insane amount of dialogue and cutscenes just make me want to stop playing almost straight away.

Terminator Salvation, never played it myself but my friend got with high expectations, You can only play through Storymode, no collectables no hidden difficulty nothing!

Mass Effect 2.
I haven't even finished it once, but I considered replaying it just to see what all the other stuff I missed was. The scanning mechanic ruins the replay value for me. Sitting through that tedious radar scrolling up and down each planet every time I wanted an upgrade.

Simple. Mystery/puzzle games. Once you know, you don't really ever un-know, and you just can't play through again.

Capt. Crankypants:
Simple. Mystery/puzzle games. Once you know, you don't really ever un-know, and you just can't play through again.

you say that but playing portal 2 again with dev commentary on was a blast. Spent ages looking around compared to the running through i did first time.

Anyway my game with zero replay value is state of emergency 2

Umm... to anyone saying 'the Portal games,' I don't know about anyone else, but I replay them all the time for the humor and plot.

OT: probably Mirror's Edge or Assassin's Creed 1, I keep wanting to play those games again, but I get bored pretty early in.

I think mirror edge has great replay value, finished it several time's. the best way to play it is without using weapons and once you get really good at it, it's really fun. But I would agree with AC1, that one does not have much replay value

Black. A game that could have clearly benefited from multiplayer and didn't have any or could have at least been longer.

Nautical Honors Society:
Fable II, after that ended I was like "nope, goodbye and thanks for the crappy ending".

This. I'm pretty sure at the end I said. "F%^k you Peter, F&*k your game, F*&k the husband and son, F*&k my dog, and F*&k my group. This game sucks and I'm never ever playing it again."

Never thought an RPG would end up on that list.

More recently there's Bully. The ending kind of ruined everything for me.

Heavy Rain...

After first round through, the game is broken. No suspense anymore at all..

They so should have made it so that there was different murderers on each playthrough.

There was at least 4 possible ways that could have ended..

The campaigns in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops; only played through them fort he intel and achievements and have never gone back to them; there is just nothing in them for me at all.
Oh and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed; after playing through that once, I put the controller down and said 'Well that's not happening again' and returned it to my friend. Seriously, what a waste of time; LucasArts could have spent less time making a spectacle with 2 dimensional characters and storyline and made something with substance, but no. Major disappointment for me.

Amnesia. I tried to play it again after I finished it but all the horror were gone. You knew where the monsters popped up, you knew where the clues where, and how to use them, and you knew what happened in the story.

Heavy Rain

because you know who the killer is

IT IS [Comment Removed because i don't spoil]

Time Hollow. It was an adventure game on the DS that had one of the best stories about time paradoxes I've seen in a game. But the story really carried the gameplay, which was just a matter of figuring out where you had to go next. And the problem with that is, once you've finished the story, you know what happens, you know who the bad guy is and what his motivations are, so it's boring.

As a side note, it DID have one easter egg for people who DID play it again. And it worked really well within the story. To sum it up, because you (ie. the player) know what happens, you could change something right at the beginning which would solve everything. And the game allows you to do that, provided you completed it once before.

No replay value beyond that, but quite clever in my opinion.

Any Legend of Zelda, especially Twiight Princess. I just remember all the shit I have to do and go, "Well I'm not going through that again."

This is pretty much how I feel, and not just for the Zelda series. Every once in a while I'll decide to play something again, and I may even get an hour or two in, but then I'll remember how much stuff there is to do between the few good parts I remember and I often quit. All told, I'd actually say there are far more games that I would probably never play through multiple times than there are games I would play again. If anything I'd say it's not about the length of the game but more how much of the content just feels like filler.

Any and all FPS Shooters.

Most especially Halo, COD & Half Life series. Once you've played the story once, you never need to play it again.

Any game Bioware makes. Way too much unskippable beginning bullshit to warrant a second playthrough.

lotr rocks 0:
basically any linear single player shooter

actually i found the single player for Modern warfare 1&2 was quite entertaining with some replay value. dont care for the multiplayer tough

pretty much any beat'em up, unless it's something like urban reign.

LA Noire... especially considering it can be beat in a couple days. The Witcher...It boasts a massive amount of play time what they don't tell you is that a lot of that time is spent trying to make it to a fireplace while drunk... or trading food items to the gardener for roses in chapters 2 and 3 so you can make the money to buy that Excellent leather armor. Too Human which I didn't even bother to play through once.

On a side note not everything is so glum. To this day I still pick up and play through Resident Evil 1 and 2 Half-life 1, Final Fantasy 7 and 8 (granted I use gameshark cheats to give me all items, but that's it. I've already beaten them fairly, and I'm really just looking to relive the story.) Oh and the Fallout series

The recent Mario games, once you got all the stars, there is no reason to go back.

Any Legend of Zelda, especially Twiight Princess. I just remember all the shit I have to do and go, "Well I'm not going through that again."

I've played Ocarina of Time at least 8 times, Majora's Mask at least 5 times, Twilight Princess 4-5 times, and Windwaker twice. So I disagree with this. lol. Zelda games have been one of the only game series' that I felt the need to replay after I had beaten it. Most single player games I'll play once and be done with.

Kingdom Under Fire: Circles of Doom.
That game has no play value even on the first playthrough, though.

Nautical Honors Society:
Fable II, after that ended I was like "nope, goodbye and thanks for the crappy ending".

Really? I've done it all eight times O_O

Portal 2, for me, which is a shame because I absolutely adore it. Hopefully the upcoming summer DLC will add some extra incentive to come back.

Eighth 1:
Any game Bioware makes. Way too much unskippable beginning bullshit to warrant a second playthrough.

I agree with the infuriating first half an hour/few hours of... well, any of them, but once you push past that the different choices available really start to branch out. For example, by the time you get to Noveria or Feros in Mass Effect, a Paragon Vanguard (me for most of my characters) will be playing the game a LOT differently than a Renegade Infiltrator, for obvious reasons.

EDIT: Sorry for the double post, by the way, I had actually forgotten I had just posted >.<

Any Legend of Zelda, especially Twilight Princess. I just remember all the shit I have to do and go, "Well I'm not going through that again."

I'm with you on that one; a while back, my save file was accidentally erased, and my first thought was 'Oh hell, I'll have to do the Arbiter's Grounds, Sacred Grove, and tear-collection malarkey all over again'.

For me any heavy story based game is almost unplayable, and that includes most RPGs even when they have branching storylines.

Its like reading a book or watching a movie, sure I might be able to come back in a few years time and enjoy it again but most likely I'm still going to remember the plot and spend my time waiting for the next big thing.

For me, replayable is random generation dungeon crawlers. Diablo, Torchlight, etc where the gameplay itself is fun and mindless and I can enjoy my loot. Deeper games are more of a rollercoaster and probably more fun while I'm playing them but I can't repeat it.

LA Noire while a fantastical game is completely not replayable for me. It may be because I would restart an interrogation until I got every question right but it certainly wouldn't be fun again for me that is for certain.

Dante's Inferno. Good game, screw watching the cutscenes again though.

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