male gamers who create female characters, explain yourselves

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Well, In RPGs I usually do the thing were I play as if it was myself on the first run through and then make a character incredibly not like myself, and since I'm male, the second one is almost always a female. Kinda like I did with ME2. Didn't finish that one though, Mass Effect is a tad linear for me to be playing through it 2 times.

Nude mods work better with female characters. And if I am gonna have a totally unrealistic character on screen for 20+ hours then it may as well be a attractive nekkid one.

not to be a prick or anything but topic creator if you used the search function you would have seen that this exact topic has been debated numerous times.... and i dont think that the responses in those threads will differ from this one.

My descision stems from good ol' Diablo 2 I play elemental magic users, archers, and assassins/ninjas as female and everything else male.

I have never really understood the "play as the opposite sex" thing. I can't think like a girl. It makes it hard to role play as a girl. Besides, I want to be connected to my character. If we're the same gender, clearly that will make things easier.

This again? I like watching a fine pixelated ass while I'm playing. That's the whole great mistery, no weird cross-gender role-playing, quite the opposite.

The only game where I've made a female character and played the game through and through was Saints Row 2. I did so there because A) I felt like that it would be funny since the first game locks you into playing as guy and B) I wanted to make an character that was abit 'odd looking[1]' yet still easy on the eyes.

[1] ie crazy hair style, facial make up

I play male mostly, but if the class I want is female-only I haven't got a problem with that
Personally I prefer to play as male

Everyday people gamers who create space marine characters: Explain.

Come on, seriously. The reality gap between male gamers' personas and their character personas, is just as wide, whether they play a woman, space marine, jedi or hardened special forces veteran. It's all escapism and needs no explanation.


Want to play the opposite gender? OOOhhh, raised eyebrows!
Want to be a mass murdering psychopath? Cool! Can we co-op?


I don't think there'd be a market for a game about people with boring jobs that played lots of computer games and complained about how feminists are out to get them, because that'd be too close to many gamers' real lives. If you're going to play a game about someone radically different to you, why must their gender be the same?

May as well look at a woman's pixelated backside if I will be staring at it for hours. That and you can get the whole lesbian love thing going in stuff like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Thats always fun.

I don't really understand why it's even worth discussing. No, I'm not female. I also don't have pointy ears and I can't turn people into sheep with my mind.

I usually play as a guy on my first play through, then I make a girl on the second and play with her. Why? Cause I like to see how hot I can make my character. And I enjoy seeing women.

I currently have 2 female characters in mind for Dragon Age: a racist Dalish psychopath and a Dwarven Noble sociopath dominatrix. It brings to mind my favorite Cowboy Bebop quote: "I like a girl who can beat me up."

no i'm not confronting you, i too prefer female characters in games where you can make your own protagonist. i am a bit of a nerd and find it easy to roleplay, that is, lose myself in a fictional setting. so it's partly because i'm a man in real life, so why drag that into my role playing when i have the option to try out the otherside of the chromosome (okay, "roleplaying" is swiftly becoming the wronge choice of word here...) and i won't deny it's also partly because, well... i like girls.
femshepards armour is way better than male shepard's armour. why? cuz i can see femshepards bum!
so people? if your male and often favour the female option, why is that? don't be shy.

My Mass Effect and Monster Hunter avatars are female. Part of it is to see if the developers actually have taste and/or can draw an accurate female body. I like the Monster Hunter avatars because they are slightly bottom-heavy (pear-shaped) and thick, which I've always loved. And aside from, to a degree, Miranda (though I'll admit I've only completed 3 missions in ME2 thus far), none of the Mass Effect women look like porn stars who make poor health decisions the way that Tecmo "babes" and Bayonetta do. Bayonetta is just ridiculous. In real life a woman who's nipple line was that far removed from her head would have akward granny titties, and I've never seen a human ass that looks like that, even a surgically "enhanced" one. I may like a big ass, but I like an ass that looks like an ass and not like a couple of fat kittens rolling around in a sock.

That's just the aesthetic/id reasons. There's a dearth of female protagonists in anything other than rom-coms and romance novels, unless it's a story that focuses on family or other traditional female roles. It's interesting to use a female lead occasionally, instead of placing them in the background; plus I'm mature enough to view women as more than simple love/lust objects.

So basically, I guess it's for the same reason that most of my favorite X-Men are women.

Easier to disassociate myself from the decisions the character makes, my male characters always make moral choices, but the women are conniving, thieving bitches from hell.

i go for it because i find the female protagonists more compelling and normally develop more of an attachment for them. also, if i choose the dickhead choice as a women its funnier some how.

For shits and giggles, mostly.

there are many reasons i choose to play females over males, so heres just one reason

Strong, willful female protagonist: That chick's badass

Strong, willful male protagonist: That guy's a total dick

simple, eh?

I generally alternate between them, except with Mass Effect where I prefer FemSheps voiceactor (also; Garrus romance!)

partly i' like the female figure or a males

partly they ram male character down our throats constantly

partly a woman kicking 31 flavors of ass is way more awesome to me the a guy doing the same thing

partly the customization options are always better

The reason I create either a male or female character is because thats what I felt like playing at the time. I do whatever I feel like.

I do it on my second play through just to see whats different. so far the only game that has provided any real entertainment beyond the gameplay was Saints Row 2

Seriously though, if it doesn't matter at all stats wise, It's just for looks. Some playable races just look better female. Case in point - the Draenei in WoW.

If I had to answer it, again (since this topic crops up so often), its that its much more frightening to see a woman running around swinging a buster-sword or hauling a giant laser death cannon up on her shoulder like her body wont crumble under the sheer weight and unleash her absolute wrath on whatever happens to be the target.

If its a guy doing it, I kinda think along the lines of either "Some-one's overcompensating.." or "Oh look another bad-ass guy with a bad-ass weapon, we certainly haven't seen this repeated over and over for the past century or so of media.."

Women just make it look more interesting.

Because I play as my better half. Har :)

Eh, I tried it with a couple of my D&D characters, and found them much harder to roleplay than I thought.

For games, though, it honestly depends. For things like Diablo or Torchlight, it's just because I wanted to try out the skillset. For things like Mass Effect, it's because the alternate voice actor is a new experience. I rolled male on my first ME playthrough, liked it, then decided to roll femshep on my second playthrough and was blown away by how much better Jennifer Hale's voice acting is.

A few reasons. One, I prefer longer hair, and males generally don't have that option. Don't look at me like that, it's a legitimate reason. Two, I generally prefer the female voice actor and face ...okay, I'll get to the non-shallow reasons.

If I go male, I'm more likely not to RP and instead do what I IRL would do, which sort of cancels out the reason I play - as an escape, and immersion. Second, I find men have this sort of reaction to showing emotion

So I generally feel more comfortable playing as a woman, easier to have character development for me. There are probably a few other reasons, but mainly these ones. I've always, without exception, had more fun RPing a woman than RPing a guy.

While I have to admit I personally can't get myself to make a female because it just feels too "different" I guess, for me, I understand why some people do. AT first it used to annoy me seeing male gamers create female characters, but then I thought, it's their story, they should go through it how they want to. I would get pissed at a male writer whose main character is a woman, or a male director whose main role is a woman in his movie

I do not find the male form as pleasing as the female form. Call it what you will, but I find that developers put more time into making females worth looking at and just sculpt the males after a greek statue. I get enough chisel jawed space marines out of Gears and Halo, is it so bad to want to look at something different when I get the choice?

Here are a few of my reasons;
1) I play male waaay too often (i.e. in every game that doesn't have a character creator).
2) Male characters usually end up looking like freaks when I make 'em
3) Male characters usually have anatomically obscene bodies; I get more weirded out by anatomically unnatural male characters more than female characters (except Bayonetta; she completely freaks me out).
4) In Fallouts 3 and New Vegas, the female characters have the most hilarious dialogue options, especially with Black Widow.
5) In the Mass Effect series, I don't like Mark Meer's voice acting that much; his voice is ok, but the presentation of his lines is just... meh.

If I play a female character in a game, its because I have already played it as a male.

In Dynasty Warriors, for example, I made female character, dressed her like a stripper and gave her a 12 foot sword. Really it's just another set of clothing/hairstyles/bodystyles to mess with. I have a lot of fun making characters. I usually make male characters first, but also female characters later.

Variety, really. I usually play through with a guy first, then I'll go back as a woman later to see the different armor and dialogue options--basically whether there's a noticeable difference between genders. And yeah, when it comes right down to it, I like tough women. Mass Effect probably did it the best.

it's just something better to look at for 6-25 hrs...

Depends on the game. For games like Soul calibur, where there's a create a soul, I'll base charaacters off my self and friends, but also off literary characters I've written.

But on other games, like D&D, I'll make a female figure from time to time to present the mother figure. And while when I do, its almost alawys predictable how it ends (she makes it somewhere around mid way thoguh the journey, then ties and strengthens the team overall through her passing), it adds a nice touch that people when they hear dont think add anything or makes it weird.

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