Poll: Skyrim- Did you kill Paarthurnax?

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It was a decision between helping the guy who gave me a couple of neat shouts and an elder scroll, or the woman who sent me to attack the Thalmar Embassy for something they didn't do. It was an easy choice.

I unfortunately killed him. He tried to kill me after I shouted at him by accident, so it was self defence. Are Skyrim threads getting popular again, or is it just me?

Hell no.

The Blades can die out for all I care. The Dovakhiin is a one-man army and doesn't need to be in a fancy club if it means killing someone who doesn't deserve to die.

I didn't even know killing him was an option!

I don't see why you'd want to either, he helps you out a lot and at the end takes all of the dragons off to teach them the way of voice. If you left them to their own devices they'd just have stayed around randomly attacking people until they were all put down.

Seems like killing their race when they're obviously capable of being reasonable would be a bit harsh, and groups with names like 'the blades' seem like the sort of people who hold unnecessary grudges

Your all a bunch of dragon loving horkers. (Par) had to die and i would bring him back if i could and storm call his old tail all over again. His attempt at redemption was only a ruse i felt. He only wanted (Al) gone so he could be the HDIC. He says that it is in his nature to dominate and one day he would do just that. Shame on the dragonborns that did not erase this scourge from Tamriel. Bunch of milk-drinkers that were too sensitive to fulfill the destiny of the dragonborn. I only wish i had a lafdy taffy to whip some sense onto yall. Ps.. Have a pleasant day. LoL

I let him live. He was much nicer to me than the Blades were, as were the Greybeards. Besides, the Blades didn't really put up a very convincing argument as to why he had to die and shouldn't be considered absolved of his crimes for how he's acted in more recent times.

On one side we have the good ol' Blades from the previous games, except here they've been reduced to only two individuals who wouldn't know the other one was still alive if not for the protagonist. They claim they obey all orders of the dragonborn(they don't) and promises to help against the dragon threat, though instead of helping, they more or less send you on a wild goose chase for things that most likely could've been discovered in other ways. They couldn't even have gotten to their Sky temple without the dragonborn as her(or him if you played a male character) blood was the key to opening the temple doors. They do have cool armor 'n katanas I suppose.

On the other side you have Paarthurnax, and others like him, who provided humanity with the tools necessary to overthrow Alduin. Tools which they couldn't have gotten without this aid(the exception being the dragonborn, but there was none when the dragon wars were going on). He also helped fight Alduin directly, at least during Skyrim, and generally helped the dragonborn with information plus the shout bonuses you can pick one of from him. The guy has also been in a self imposed exile for far longer than any of the three human empires have existed(So more than 3000 years if I understood the timeline correctly). He also kept teaching humans the way of the voice, advised them to use it wisely and kept doing so for thousands of years. Not only that, but he didn't act on his natural urges despite the fact that no one could've opposed him had he ever tried to take over the world after Alduin and dragonrend was long gone(at least given he was indicated to be second only to Alduin). He also vows to teach the rest of his kind his "Way of the Voice" when Alduin has been slain, a belief which we have a perfect example of what results we can expect in the form of the Greybeards.

The stuff he's supposed to have done was also written by the nords, a biased source if there ever was one. The blades better cough up a few more sources than just them if they want me to believe them. That said I don't doubt Paarthurnax did plenty of horrible shit, he admits that he did even if he doesn't say what he did exactly, as that comes with having been a dragon during a time where you either followed Alduin or he'd send you into an early grave. Not to mention it's been so many thousands of years where he's essentially been punishing himself with a self imposed exile and I think that's punishment enough at this point. Plus he isn't an asshole like Delphine and Esbern who refuses to help you when the world is essentially at it's knees due to Alduin. Just because you refuse to kill -one dragon who isn't even a threat, but instead helps out a lot-! So yeah the blades can go bugger off. I'll stick with the sane people, ie the greybeards(who should've taken action given the circumstances to be honest) and paarthurnax.

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I absolutely refuse to. The Blades in Skyrim are asshats, and if he were really a threat he wouldn't seclude himself on a mountain for thousands of years. Also: they Graybeards are awesome.

Of course not. Killing him would be super churlish. He doesn't even drop any decent loot.

Well, nothing better than your Implement of Ruinous Horror that you're probably wielding at that point anyway.

Nope fuck the blades, il make my own blades!, any way the doavakinn has the soul of a dragon and is said my old paxx he has the same urges as a dragon

I hadn't talked to the Blades since the first visit to the Sky Temple. By the time I returned there, I had just got back from Sovngarde...and they dare to tell me to kill Paarthurnax? At that point I had been warned by dead heroes to not blindly follow orders because it'll lead to evil, and I had been told by the Greybeards that I'm nothing but a tool to the Blades.

It would've been colossally foolish to do as they ordered.

It is always wise to mistrust a dovah, just like it's always wise to mistrust a man.

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