Tell me about YOUR Commander Shepard

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My shepard is summed up as: "I will not stop to do what's right, but i'm going to make sure everyone will live to see the end, even if it is my life that is the cost."

My Commander, Nova Shepard started her career in the Alliance Military shortly after her family was killed in a Bartarian Slaver raid on her home.
Driven by the deaths or enslavement of everyone she had ever known she threw herself into her training and was soon awarded the coveted N7 proficiency rank, noted for her skill at marksmanship and CQB.

While she was not present during the Skyllian Blitz she was heavily involved in the war between humanity and the Batarians which culminated in Nova leading the assualt on the Pirate Moon of Torphan, thousands on both sides died that day, and Nova personaly oversaw the summary execution of Batarian prisoners, earning her the nickname "The Butcher of Torphan."

Nova Shepard is wanted by the Batarian Hegemony for war crimes and crimes against the Batarian People,and her likeness is used in the Holo-film "The Butcher" which depicts a squad of selfless, noble Batarian soldiers fighting a depeserate battle to save the lives of a group of Batarian children from the sadistic and insane Shepard. The film is widely popular in the Hegemony and recieved dozens of awards for its historical accuracy and realism. Curiously it has not recieved any awards outside of Batarian Space.

Aside from her "issues" with the Batarians, Nova has a very cosmopoliton view of the galaxy, particularly after becoming a specter. She sees her duty as being to all the races of the galaxy rather then to humanity in particular.

She is bi-sexual, having taken a few Asari lovers but has yet to find a male of any species that interested her more then briefly.

After her resurrection she made a number of pop songs on the extra net that recieved several billion views.

C F:
To the Alliance military I was born and raised.
On a spaceship is where I spent most of my days.
Chillin' out, relaxin', being all cool.
Shotgun and biotics to enforce the rule.

Then one day Geth came to Eden Prime.
Led by Saren and Sovereign; a race against time
Sucked me in, and to action I was spurred.
And that's how I became Spectre Shepard.

Now Spectres are used to bending the rules;
Twisting the authorities and using people as tools.
But I'm not going to let my morals be slurred;
I'm the fair and true Paragon: Commander Shepard!

A Quarian at my side and the Council at my back;
Joker and EDI flying in for the attack.
We're going to make our voice of resistance be heard,
That the Harbinger of Destiny is, in fact, Shepard!

...Also, my first name is "C F" (with quotation marks on file, as if it's a nickname), Sole Survivor (determined not to let it bug me), and I'm a red-head with perma-stubble and no scars. Wish I could provide a screenshot, but I'm also on the 360.

You just won...

Mine is named "Sheep," and I refer to him as "the terminally badass Commander Sheep Shepard." I modeled mine after Clint Eastwood and myself...although he came out not looking like either party.
Conversationally, he tends to go for the nice thing to say, but inversely will never pass up the opportuniy to stab anyone in the back the second they turn away, except Tali (whom he saved himself an entire game for) or Garrus.
His armour is neat, it was designed and made to resemble a scorpion's natural luminescence.
Thus far he has survived all his escapades, and I'm really interested to see how his bipolar attitudes will affect his further shenanigans.


After her resurrection she made a number of pop songs on the extra net that recieved several billion views.

Excellent, when's her album coming out?

Spiff Shepard (anyone who gets the reference gets a high five and a cookiee) is, on the surface, a tough-as-nails, no nonsense, jerkass soldier. On the underneath, however, he secretly fears becoming close to anyone, after his entire family and all his friends were butchered by batarian slavers, which also gave him a deep-abiding loathing for batarians, although by the time ME2 rolls around, he's sorta got over that, after the Asteroid X57 incident. After his squadmates died on Akuze, his stoic persona set in, and he began to actively push people away from him. During the hunt for Saren, however, he seemed to recover alongside friends, even having a relationship with an Asari Scientist. However, after the death of Ashley Williams on Virmire, he went off the deep end, but in a different way from before. He started to become suicidal, taking daring risks if it mean he could save anyone. He became the ultimate paragon, but not because he is a saint, but because he has serious psycological problems. After being ressurected by cerberus, the people responsible for the Akuze incident, he began to turn vengeful, and angry towards the organisation. While utilising their assets, he took every oppurtunnity possible to sabotage them, a goal that seemed to take precedence over finding the collectors. He preserved the lives of everyone he could, though the death of Ashley Williams haunts him to this very day.

Is this reference Spaceman Spiff from the Calvin and Hobbes comics, by any chance?

Ryan Shepard is a spacer who held out by himself during the Blitz (War Hero) who trained as an Engineer in ME 1 and ME 2 and will continue to specialize as an Engineer in ME 3. Paragon, saved the council, and instated Captain Anderson as the human councilor (Udina is a backstabbing dill hole, lost Kaidan at Virmire, and persuaded Wrex to help me instead of be my enemy stayed single during ME 1, but hooked up with Tali during ME 2 due to her innocence and cuteness. Destroyed the Collector base, basically told the Illusive Man to go **** himself, and saved all my squad.

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