Poll: Will you stick with the Mass Effect series after ME 3?

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I've seen a lot of people say things like "I'll never use Origin, aside from just this once for ME 3", or "EA/Bioware has gone too far this time, I'm done with them after ME 3."

The point of this thread is not to argue over these decisions, I'm sure we've all been compelled to finish a movie, book, TV, etc series even if things get questionable half way through. Believe me, as someone who saw Matrix: Revolution and Revenge of the Sith in theaters, I know what it's like to suffer to the end of a bad series for the sake of completion.

Not that everyone feels that way about Mass Effect, of course. I've included an option in the poll for people who are excited for the third game, and look forward to any future games in the series. Nothing wrong with that, we are all just consumers making decisions based on what we like.

The main thing I'm curious about, is to find what fraction of escapists are fed up with EA/Bioware/Origin and plan to make an exception only for Mass Effect 3, versus the people who feel the Mass Effect series is going as strong as ever and aren't bothered by these things others are complaining about.

Another thing to consider is that franchises rarely end well after they've been milked for a long time.

A trilogy is a good number for the series, I think. After that, let's move on to another franchise, with new characters.

The correct answer is obviously "it depends" - if the ideas they come up with for new games are seriously horrible, then no I probably won't stick with them.

But assuming they come up with something that lives up to the quality of earlier installments in the series then yes, I'll stick with it.

Yeah it really depends. I'd love to see an learn more about the Mass Effect Universe, but if it becomes a complete cash cow, hooked on life support so they can milk a brain dead cow constantly, then no I will not. But if whatever they make is anywhere as interesting as this trilogy was, than I might like it.

The correct answer is obviously "it depends" - if the ideas they come up with for new games are seriously horrible, then no I probably won't stick with them.

But assuming they come up with something that lives up to the quality of earlier installments in the series then yes, I'll stick with it.

I agree, it always depends on the details, and that's why I didn't phrase the poll options in absolutes. If somebody said "I'll NEVER buy X" or "I'll ALWAYS buy Y" again, it's hard to take seriously because years down the road there is just no way to predict what will happen.

So with that in mind, the option "looking forward to future games in the series" doesn't mean "I'll buy it no matter what." It just means you have a generally positive feeling about the series, will be inclined to check out future titles and buy them if they measure up to what the series has delivered so far.

It depends. If ME3 is as good as I'm hoping, then I'm willing to see where Bioware go with the ME universe and give that a chance. If ME3 is a catastrophic mess, then no, it'll stop there for me.

I'm getting Mass Effect 3, but whatever is after that is up to Bioware.

I never buy games because of the title or number after the title. I wait and rent the game or play a demo before I buy it.

Saying you oppose Origin, but you'll make an exception for Mass Effect 3 just brands you a hypocrite.

Origin is definitely a big point for me, but story and gameplay leaks have also put me off the game, as well as the demo which left me thoroughly unimpressed.

Unless it's an MMO, sure, why not. Seems like it could be fun.

As long as Bioware continues to make them and they don't make it a mmorpg I will yes. Though a strategy game of mass effect would be cool I think

Honestly, I'd love a ME MMO.
With story missions and a big conquer/control regions of space type gameplay. And the ability to customize characters.

But seeing as how its "shootery" it would probably have a minimal chat interface and kinda be sucky for anything other than shooting

This is one of those "We'll see" situations.

Sequelitus is an awful thing. If they do expand the Mass Effect universe, I seriously hope they do something truly interesting. Well the Mass Effect universe is huge, I gotta say, there's honestly not a hell of a lot I can think of to add to it. At the very least I'm hoping that all spinoffs they make will move away from the whole Reaper thing.

Also I wouldn't mind them trying a Mass Effect game on a portable system (and by that I mean, not phones).

After I get ME3 (and corresponding DLC), I'm not only done with the series, but I'm completely washing my hands of Bioware. They've begun to annoy me.

I put that I would look forward to any other games but obviously it would depend on what direction they took it in. I think I would stop if they made "ME-Ville" or "ME Dating Sim: Fuck your favourite alien".

Lets see, Starwars has been shit for more than a Decade and I dont really like the new Startrek.

If no new Sci Fi Franchise pops up I might just stick with it to see where it leads.

Don't care about Origin because I use a console, primarily. As for the Mass Effect franchise, I've enjoyed it so far, and I'll definitely look with interest at wherever it goes next. Hopefully it'll be good.

That said, what I'm really looking forward to the most is any new IP BioWare comes up with, that's going to be far more interesting than a somewhat-known quantity like Mass Effect.

Don't play ME on the PC so couldn't give a monkey's about Origin.
I love the Mass Effect universe and will be interested to see where they can take it next.

Well, about 60% of the reason I'm getting Mass Effect 3 is because of the continuation of my story, so no, probably not.

Adding new characters and a story would feel completely out of the blue. It's like watching a TV show that has picked up new actors which suck.

I do kinda wonder what's left for the ME series once the reapers are dead.

The citadel is no longer so important, the mass relays are no longer a crippling weakness, the protheans and all their ruins don't offer any insight beyond the reapers. What big threats are left? Maybe galactic civil war?

If they're good, then yes, I'll play them.
I don't like Origin, but cracking is an option.

Knowing how much I've enjoyed the series so far, the fact that Bioware have said that any future Mass Effect game will likely include different characters, since commander Shepard and co's story is ending, and the fact that once an entity (be it company or franchise) has my loyalty, it takes a shit tonne to break that loyalty, I will likely pre-order any future ME releases short of an MMO (which I avoid regardless), with very few questions asked.

So, yeah.

I look forward to ME3 but I can't tell whether I'll stick to the serious because we have no idea what will happen afterwards. The next game could be bad or good, I'll wait and see.

I'm willing to follow the ME series until the quality of games give me reason otherwise.

The fact that this is the 'end' of Sheppard's story makes no difference to me.

What would give me pause is if future ME games discontinue the story branching concepts that the series is known for. I'm not crazy about a Final Fantasy style series but in space.

I enjoy the Mass Effect universe too much to give up on it... despite some of the enormous plot holes and lore inconsistencies that ME2 contained. I'll get the third installment eventually, but for now I'm avoiding an installation of Origin. If I find a workaround that lets me buy and play ME3 without Origin, I'll do that. Beyond 3, well, unless they completely ruin the universe with it (and I'm fairly confident they won't)... I'm still game for more Mass Effect.

To be fair, I felt the same way about Valve and Steam when I bought Portal (never been a fan of Half-Life, just Portal). That game sat unplayed on a shelf for a few months before I had researched Steam sufficiently to trust it on my system. So I may just start using Origin eventually. For now, though, I don't trust EA as far as I can throw their headquarters building.

Since i really love the lore and universe I will most likely buy more games set in it.

Hope they will do something with the first contact war. Or maybe going way way back to the start of the reapers or flesh out Prothean worlds before they got attacked.

Or something that takes place ages after the first trilogy

I'll buy ME3 and probably enjoy it, but unless Bioware REALLY starts making me care again, I'm not going to buy another game from them. If they manage to somehow beat the odds and break away from EA, I'll gladly give them another look, but until that happens they're basically dead to me.

If the games continue to be fun, and continue to make significant changes between installments, I have no problems with playing further Mass Effect games. That being said, Shepard's story better be over.

Unlike most, I didn't break down. I made a conscious choice to NOT install Origin on my PC and I will not do so.

I went out of my way to even change my preordered Collectors edition for PC to Regular copy for 360.

As for future games. I am not buying ANY EA games after ME3. Unless it is on PC and it does not require Origin.

I stand firm on my decision and nothing will change it.

No way in hell.

Loved Mass Effect
Enjoyed Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3 looks like crap...

Not planning to touch that, and possibly nothing by Bioware at all, any time soon.

I don't know what they're planning to do with the series yet. I heard about the MMO, if that's the case, I'm done with Mass Effect. If they make another roleplaying game, like Mass Effect, but not with Shepard, I'm more interested.

I'm going to chalk this up to "we'll see" for now. The ME universe has a lot of content worth exploring so anything past ME3 could be a welcome change.

I'm not really bothered with ME3 not just because it's coming to Origin and not Steam, but because the game just doesn't seem like it will be as good as the other 2 games, and as the final game in a trilogy, I have a horrible feeling that it will be very disappointing.

A few things here. Firstly, having just played the demo for ME3 on 360, the platform is not free from origin. On first start up it requires you to log into origin before you can even play, ala always on DRM. Sadface.

Secondly, there have been a few interviews with folks from BioWare that have all but announced the future of the ME universe will be... an MMO. Casey Hudson said that was the most logical choice for the future of the ME universe and where they were planning on going in an interview I watched late last year over XBL.

I am a large fan of BioWare and their stories but their partnership with EA has turned them into something that is ridiculous. The quality of their games have suffered in many ways from the partnership too. DA 2 while interesting just wasn't up to BioWare's usual high standards and it shows in the game. I felt the same thing during my time with ME3 demo. Something seemed very subtly wrong about the gameplay and graphics. From what I've seen the best way to explain it is, the game seems rushed, forced even. Not saying it wont be an entertaining experience, it most likely will be. But odds are, ME3 will not live up to the high standards BioWare is known for. That's just my two cents on it.

The absolute best thing that could happen is BioWare gets away from EA before they suck the life out of a great dev and destroy them. Sadly I don't see that happening at all. EA won't give up the cash cow that is BioWare.

Nope, once this is done then I'm done with it.

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