Realisticaly: who would you be?

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I would be a surviving space marine. Not the guy who bites the bullet to set the tone of the scene, but the guy who, after witnessing his brother-in-arms die for a cheap scare, gets up from cover and opens fire.

I might even lead a squad of escort mission soldiers. The ones the Chuck Norris-type main character would have to protect. Of course, we couldn't die and cause a game over, but we'd keep the mission rolling on. I'd be blabbering about pointless military jargon into the hero's headset for the whole time, though.

I'd probably be Boone from fallout new vegas, I'm handy with a rifle and I can kick ass up close if I have to, I've recently had a bum run of luck(nothing as bad as having what happened to him prior to you finding him, won't spoil that for any of you who haven't played new vegas), and I have problems that if I solved them the way I want to I'd probably hafta leave town. :P

That or a speech/guns/stealth built character with a decent score in repair, survival, and barter as well as lock picking being medium and some science... With stats leaning more toward perception, and intelligence with a decent score in strength and some endurance, with a luck score of like 4...

I'm a capable guy, and I've stared death in the face enough times not to fear it.

If there was magic I would be a mage.

In any other case? I would be the guy that the hero went to for relationship advice, possibly a friend, possibly a killable NPC, the sort of oddball smart guy that doesn't get out much and is happy with it and tries his best to help with the zombies but goofs up do to crappy upper body strength and gets eaten.

Captain Epic:
I would be Conrad Verner.

Same, but for Garrus instead of Shepard

Probably some kind of support NPC. I like to think I'm a good and a noble guy, but I'm also a huge coward so I don't see myself sticking my neck on the line. I'd probably be some kind of archivist or librarian since I do so love being an insufferable clever-clogs. If you want knowledge to help you on your quest, feel free to ask for help, but I'm not moving an inch unless under extreme circumstances. Also, what is this big orange exclamation mark doing over my head?

Gordon Freeman, I'm a physicist, and I'm handy with a crowbar.

so you are an evil villan responsible for an alien invasion !

nameless npc in the background complaining about you lot walking into my house and rifling through my belongings. by the way i have 10000000 gp for you to travel to the other side of the planet to kill an impossible to kill monster.. it seems to get rid of heros.. permamently :D

I'd be a background character that's not particularly bad-ass, but has cool catch-phrases and an unexpected fanbase.

"Oh, but you are wrong. The only reason you could disagree, is because you are losing so badly you cannot see it."

I'd be the merchant selling items. The apocalypse is happening and the hero needs my wares, but damned if I'm not gonna make a profit off his attempts to save everyone.


I'd be the guy on the left.

No not Shepard

Farther left.

Wow your so much in the background your grey and blurry.

I'm pretty sure I would be in the background, but you would always see me. I never do anything but for some reason they just didn't bother to make any other npc models.

I would be a merchant profiting from the Villians/Monsters attacks
by selling Hp and mana Pots for high prices
and/or a smart person who moves to a different country at the first sign of trouble

I would be the guy who doubts the hero and says there is no hope
also Why would i ever need to worry no apocalyspe is ever set in australia,Bar for maybe the matrix but im pretty sure that was only filmed in australia not the actual setting.

I would also be the guy that has a friend who is a pliot who I can convince to help the protaganist

The (ineffective) comic relief.

I would say I'd make a good Silent Hill protagonist, with the exception of not having a dark past or connections to some crazy death cult.

I would make a good protagonist for a survival horror game though.

Easily Scared?... Check
Physically Weak?... Check
Would rather run than fight?... Check
Decent thinking skills?... Check
BASIC firearm knowledge?... Check (I basically know which end to point and what makes it go boom... that's about it)

As a musician, I guess I'd be a bard. Probably wouldn't last long in a fight unless I develop the ability to deafen creatures using loud cymbal crashes or something.

Id probably be one those random guard NPCs that never leave the training court yard, hacking at a training dummy.
You know the ones.

I'd probably be fluff - perhaps not strictly background, though. I'd be there to make the scene more lively. If the protagonist saw fit to talk to me then I'd probably spout a bit of obscure inconsequential lore.

Probably one of those characters that the player would talk to 'just because he's there.'

"What do you mean you didn't talk to the IT on the sixth floor? He's in the middle of the hallway - he even has a name! The developers wanted you to talk to him! Yeah - no, he doesn't advance the plot.

Ugh. Shut up Brian."

I'd be the lesser known equivalent of the Companion Cube. I'm only there for a short time, people just use me for help, and they ditch me when they're done, but everyone seems to love me for some reason.

I'd be one of the brown minions from Overlord. Probably one that stood in the wheat feild too long and got burned to death because Big O himself set it on fire just for the hell of it.

That, or that Goron that rolled down the mountain in Ocarina of Time.

I'd do the smart thing and become a merchant (By which i meant, follow the hero around and scoop up any weapons and any other items at all i find from slain foes, and go around the land selling items). I would also have a policy of being able to sell/buy all manner of objects, kinda like a wandering Medieval Pawn Shop.

Adjustments may occur depending on setting.

You know the guy who breaks up intimate moments?
yeah, that's me

I tend to know more than I'm letting on (and overwhelm anyone who inquires with endless babble and metaphors), quickly jump from one topic to another, and avoid stating my motives unless withholding them proves to be... problematic.
I'd probably be the one patching up the crew, creating new gear, and providing necessary tactical information. Definitely a support unit. Always searching for better solutions.
A fan long range combat, stealth, recon and manipulation. But, well placed explosions are a guilty pleasure of mine.

I'd be that scientist or mage that's always wandering around... doing what he pleases... intruding, exploring, running experiments, messing with people, touching everything.

Like a... Salarian Dr. House.

An expendable soldier who gets killed off at a random fight scene. That goes for any other expendable soldier guy who has no chance of living by the end of the movie/game.

SOLVEmedia: be my friend

Pfft no.

Well... okay.

Most likely, I'd be Harry Mason from Silent Hill.

The (ineffective) comic relief.

I would say I'd make a good Silent Hill protagonist, with the exception of not having a dark past or connections to some crazy death cult.

I would make a good protagonist for a survival horror game though.

Easily Scared?... Check
Physically Weak?... Check
Would rather run than fight?... Check
Decent thinking skills?... Check
BASIC firearm knowledge?... Check (I basically know which end to point and what makes it go boom... that's about it)

So... Harry Mason or Luigi?

OT: Me, I'd join up with the Big Bad sometime during his rise to power. I'm not very fit so I'd probably be a manipulative bastard, probably a Starscream attempting a Klingon promotion on the Big Bad, though I probably wouldn't succeed. I'd be the man behind the man or the Dragon at best, a mid tier boss at worst. Oh, and I love cats, so I'd probably be stroking one when the hero shows up.

...Damn... I spend WAY too much time on TVtropes.

The fat guy who couldnt run away from the zombies.

I'd probably be one of those who turns out to be evil or a traitor..

I'd probably be one of the lowly peasants in Skyrim, while not attacking huge dragons that would obviously kick my ass.


I'd be the helpful kind of NPC; if you were to meet me in an RPG/MMORPG I'd probably be some kind of skill teacher, most likely for the Persuasion or Mining categories.

Probably one of the NPCs who sits around in the tutorial area providing hints about the menus and later in the game, if they bother to check back (and most wouldn't), some advanced combat hints.

A random citizen who it's glued to the spot and asks the hero to find a lost treasured possession.

If I'm lucky I wouldn't to rooted to the ground and will get to walk around like NPC's in fallout 3.

I'd be one of the civilians getting executed in Homefront with the hero watching getting angry.

I'd be the guy stabbing to death anyone who isn't stable in the zombie apocalypse. I DON'T FUCKING CARE IF YOUR POODLE IS OUTSIDE, OLD LADY! TOUCH THAT FUCKING DOOR AND I WILL FUCKING SHANK YOU! - Fuck the hero who gets the poodle, old hag should shut the fuck up and not get everybody killed. - Random Zombie games where stupid soft people cause alot of havoc by being fucking idiots.

I'd be the broken down peasant/commoner begging the hero to get his wife back from the trolls and pay him with gratitude(Not really im not a cheap fuck, room and board atleast). - Random fantasy game quest.

I'm one of the securityguards/corporate employee's gunning for the hero as he tries to get his personal revenge on my paycheck. - Random sci fi/modern day setting game where some corporate bigwig has screwed over *Movie commercial voice*THE WRONG MAN! AT THE WRONG TIME AND NOW HE'S BACK FOR REVENGE! This summer gets bloody as MACHETE COMES BACK!

A manufactorum worker who makes ammo for the Imperial Guards as they face whatever it is that invades. - Space Marine.

What?! At best i'll stab a rapist/robber in the back with a knife. I'm not a hero but not a total coward either(Won't let people suffer if I can help it).

The fat guy who couldnt run away from the zombies.

OH SHIT, BOO-*BLERUUERUHUREUUHURUHUHUUUUURG* AAAH SIIIICK! *Gets clobbered to death by zombie horde* (Everyone doesn't have a machinegun and 790814320789 bullets for it it :P)


Dammit . I'm thinking of cool characters i would be and i find non . Not many awsome black characters that i look/act like in video games . Hmm the closest i can think of is Sahz from Final Fantasy 13 , when i have my Afro . Now that i think about it , we are quite alike ...

The human protagonist in the Aliens vs Predator 2010 game was black.

OT: Plausibly, I could be the protagonist, or a squad member in a military shooter, as I plan to join the Royal Marines.

Probably the innkeeper or a bartender xP
I'd be one of those duplicate people you see all over :D
Or a nicer option, I'd join the battle for a small time and give it the whole, "Go, go! I'll fight him off, go!!" and die xD

The fat guy who couldnt run away from the zombies.

Fat people are always the first to die in a Zombie apocalypse.

That's why Columbus' list for surviving in a Zombie apocalypse rule #1 is Cardio.

I'd be the arrogant, loner, sad, (and cute, (yes I have been known for my cuteness)) teenage youth in the group that learns from the protaganist and becomes some sort of an adopted child to the protaganist.

Then I steal their soul.

The wise old man who says wise things in a chinese accent.

Except I'm not and old man.

Or chinese.

Or wise.

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