Poll: Sell me on (or warn me about) Guild Wars

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- Have you played Guild Wars?
- Did you like it? How much so?
- Should I get Guild Wars 2?
- Is it worth going back and getting the first title?
- Should I convince my RL friend to get it with me?

I have played Guild Wars 1, and while I did enjoy it, I discovered it too late and all the good guilds had either left or just kept to themselves. However I have a friend who was heavily involved in guilds like Rebel Rising, Edible Granite Pencil (top guilds) and he enjoyed the game a lot. I would have aswell but unfortunately the PVP scene was kind of dead when I bought it.

Guild Wars 2 I absolutely love. The PvE is some of the best that I have ever partaked in, and the sPvp and WvW is amazingly fun to play. I was also in the first beta tests to be done, and was always anxiously awaiting the next BWE's.

Yes, the game is very good, even if u aren't interested in PvP, the PvE is top notch, and the Wvw will tide you over for any PvP.
If you wanted to, however im almost 100% sure that you would be restricted to PvE as the PvP and GvG scene died a while ago.

It is always good to play a game with someone you know. I am currently playing with the friends I mentioned earlier, and it is very helpful having 2 people to do some of the PvP, aswell as some of the PvE action. It's also helpful to have someone to work with for jumping puzzles and some trickier stuff.

So yes, as someone who played GW1 and was in the GW2 beta, I highly recommend the game.

Edit: forgot to finish one of my sentences lol.

Well, it's a MMO, so I would not recommend it to anyone. If you go for it, it will die in matter of months and you return to your World of Warcraft disillusioned.

What a well researched insight, if not for the fact that guild wars still has an active playerbase after it's been around for god knows how long, and the fact that there are no subscription fees, and unless you don't want to exchange ingame currency for gems to buy extra shit off of their "cash" store, you never have to spend another dime on it. Means that it will always have a playerbase of some sort or another, also, I got bored of wow a looooong time ago, and yet, even playing this game rather obsessively since it came out, it's still interesting to me, with wow even with friends of mine prompting me to go back to it the longest it has ever held my attention is like... 4 days, and I always felt it was a waste of money to play... guild wars, has a better combat system, the way skills work, the fact that every weapon does different kinds of things for every class who can wield it, things like the fact that exploration and crafting aren't just tacked on, and reward you with sizeable ammounts of experience, and for another example, when you explore an area of the world, 100%, you get a chest of goodies, this includes towns, and all areas, also, jumping puzzles, and interesting logic puzzles are a part of gameplay in certain areas for getting hidden treasures, and sometimes finding a point of interest on your map.

But yeah buddy, you did good at inciting a degree of agitation, but only in the way of "Why is this guy making such a broad generalization based on an overarching genre, obviously without having any tangeable information or presenting any proof of any statistic that could apply to this specific game, a game excecuted in such a way as to be both accessable AND challenging rather than just spoon feeding you with pablum til you puke, like wow, or 90% of the other MMORPGs on the market.

And now you know, a little research and maybe a comment that showed any level of information behind it, and didn't look like you were being negative just for the sake of negativity, may have given me a reason to think that maybe you did research and thought before spouting such innane drivel.

Even if you were trolling, I do say, I've seen better attemps that weren't even intentional, you may want to get some more practise.

Good day sir.

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