Poll: Are you actually waiting for Half-Life 3?

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Dead Century:
Nope. It's vaporware. There isn't going to be a Half-Life 3. I highly doubt Valve is working on it. It's dead.

I tend to agree. Not because they don't want to do it but the FPS market has shifted quite a bit since HL2. Plus, they might not have the 'gravity gun' equivalent, though I hope OR could become one once it's popular enough, which it won't be at that price point.

There's no way it's going to live up to the fan expectations at this point. It's been too long.

If HL3 actually does come out, it's going to be another DNF. It'll be pretty much exactly what /should/ have been expected, but because the wait time was so long, fanboi expectations are getting insane and there is no way it'll live up to what "it should be".

I genuinely am waiting for it.

It might sound a little silly, but I'm invested in the story & the world.

Nope, but I will play it when it comes out.

I spent about a year and a half being like "Half life 3's going to come out.....nnnnnnnnnnnnnnow! Nope, alright. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnow! Damn. Fine, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnow!"

But after that got old I just gave up on it. I haven't given it a second thought since.

Never played a Half Life, so not really.

No. I tried playing Half-Life 2 once. It struck me as, well, simple shooter. I had fun with it for about two hours, then forgot about it.
It didn't really touch the strings of my heart.

Nope. I gave up years ago. If it did release sure I'd play it. Valve are terrible at committing.

It's probably going to come out eventually, but not some time soon and there really is no sign that Valve is currently fully working on it.

Not really considering I wasn't all that interested in the first two and don't see them as the holy grail of PC gaming.

Do I wait for it to release? No. The thought 'when it's finally going to released?' never crosses my mind because I don't care how much time they are taking with it. It is going to be released and it will be glorious (failure or success remains to be seen).

Do I not care for HL3? That would be a lie. The Half Life series contains some of my favorite games and has been consistant top notch entertainment. Not only that but it pushed gaming forward as a medium and was so ahead that by now games are just catching up to it.

So you see, I can't answer your poll.

Oh please, I'm not really waiting for it, no. To me, it's the new Duke Nukem Forever. The only reason why I'm keeping an eye out for it is because when it DOES come out, expectations will cause everyone to saw it's bullocks off. It's going to be fun to watch... I wonder if Yahtzee will do a fake review.

This whole "expectations" thing is causing everyone to think of the Half-Life franchise as golden perfection when really it's a competent shooter first released over a decade ago.

A few years ago, I was eagerly awaiting it after playing Half-Life 2 and the episodes for the first time when the Orange Box came out.

Now? I've come to terms that it won't be released any time soon, and when it does get released, I'll probably treat it like every other game purchase. Wait a few weeks for reports to come in about the quality and whether or not I'll like it. Besides, everyone else is going to play it on day one, and Steam will probably crash from all of the attempted downloads.

Nothing spells hate like a Half-Life game on the Escapist forums...

Valve can take however much time it needs to get the game done. I'm not looking forward to it but I'll definitely play it when/if it ever comes out except if it has regenerating health and a two weapon gun system then I'll avoid it like the plague.

I'm no longer waiting for it. I'm sure I'll be excited once it is announced, the same way I was excited when Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced, but I'm not actively waiting for it until they've announced it and set a tentative release date. Not to mention, I'd still like to see expectations drop for it so that when it does release it won't have to meet impossibly high expectations.

I'm looking forward to it, purely for the mass ritual suicides when it doesn't turn out to be the golden gaming revelation everyone is expecting.

Don't misunderstand, I think it'll be good if it ever does come out, but nothing short of transcending the player into Nirvana and turning them into pure energy will be able to sate their thirst, at this point.

The problem is over hype, if the game comes out and its the best game ever, then there is no problem. However if the game miss steps in any single way they game will be denounced by ever critic.

In my opinion, the only way now for Vale to release the game and have it not be over hyped is by having no publicity up to its release. Have it appear on steam, tell the public that its out and do nothing else, otherwise the game will be slaughted

I'm kind of hoping for it whilst at the same time not expecting it to ever emerge. I'm happy to join in with the silly conspiracy theories but I don't take any of the seriously, if it turns out the game really is in development then I'm fine for it to be a suprise one day.

Half-Life 3 won't help Valve sell lots of HATS or SHINY TRADING CARDS - it's probably more profitable for them to just keep making smaller titles like Portal and let the absolute fanatical maniacs that comprise their fanbase keep on trading collectibles.

Every now and then they'll put some real effort into coordinating a Summer Steam Sale if they feel like diving into fresh piles of money.

That said I think absence has made the heart grow fonder for a lot of Half-Life fans. They were good, yes, but not so good that you need to sit around, twitching, foaming at the mouth in anticipation of your next fix.

In my humble opinion, of course.

I just wanna finish the story, but really I've stopped tracking it. Ever since waiting for Half Life 2, I've just kinda let Valve do their thing. At least things like Portal 2 still occasionally come out and let me enjoy the Source engine again, but I'll get excited again when they actually give us release date information.

Yeah, I'm still waiting for Half-Life 3 to have an actual release... but, in the same way I wait for a certain anime to be dubbed and released on DVD/Blu-Ray or waiting for a certain series to finally get an HD collection...

I've never reach the verge of "never being able to sleep at night until X comes out" status or "X will never happen/ X will never exist" status, since my patience seems to be as thick as standard movie history lore... I usually stay in the neutral sense of possibility when it comes to this type of waiting...

Will Half-Life 3 really be worth the wait? I don't know... (I can't just base it on the Duck Nukem situation or even on Starcraft 2, since I never actually played those games as well as their comparisons, especially in their overall histories, would just seem like comparing an orange-tasting apple to an apple-flavored orange...) All I know is that I will be playing it when it does come out, then replaying the previous games, and finally replaying Half-Life 3...

In the meantime, I'm going to re-marathon the "Freeman's Mind" series... again...

Captcha: face the music
*faces the Half-Life soundtrack* You're point, captcha?

BUNCH OF LYING TWITS! I for one know as a god given matter of fact that once its out a bunch of "mehs" will turn into "OH GAWD ITS OUT LORDY LORDY TIME TO PLAY EVERY GAME VALVES MADE TO CELEBRATE" That is IF it comes out at all. I myself am paitenly waiting for valve to release the game, and when they do, well you ever watchthe old "Willi Wonka and the chocolate factory" the scene where the Factory gates open up and everyone is pretty much shitting themselves because they cant hold it in, yeah thats gonna be me. I have a package of adult diapers in a glass case on my wall, it reads " Break in case of HL3".

I never actually played HL2 - it came out during the gap period where I wasn't really playing games at all. I played the first one back in the day, and I remember it being good, but not brain-meltingly good or anything. And FPS games don't really do it for me like they used to. So... n'yeah, put me in the not interested camp.

Nope. I've come to the conclusion they aren't going to even make it, which is fine. It's been so long I've lost hope and have entered the phase of "I just don't care". If I'm proven wrong by them, great, but if not, I won't lose sleep over it.

I couldn't care less. Maybe HL3 will be good when it comes out, but it's got so much to live up to with all the hype, I'm sceptical. I made a thread a while back about how it will probably be a disappointment and all.

I am waiting for it, but as the new Duke Nukem Forever. I don't care about the game at all, I'm just waiting to see if it actually gets developed or if will never be released. Although comparing it to DNF may not be a good thing seeing how many people hate it (myself not included, I enjoyed it).

I'll buy it when they release it.

I couldn't care less. Maybe HL3 will be good when it comes out, but it's got so much to live up to with all the hype, I'm sceptical. I made a thread a while back about how it will probably be a disappointment and all.

At least its only been hyped by abject silence out of the company, and repeatedly ignoring questions directed to them about it.

Doesn't matter how many polls, threads, jokes, memes anyone creates. There is no HL3 and no one is working on it as far as anyone knows. What exactly about that can't people grasp? Or maybe the fan boys are just trying to be so damned annoying that they break down and make it just to shut everyone up, ensuring that it would be horrible. Of course, it would probably be horrible anyways even if it wasn't a 'shut up the fan boys' release, simply because it's been hyped too much by the people who don't understand it's not real.

Every gaming site. Facebook. Every other web page. Tired of seeing delusional HL3 crap everywhere I look.

It doesn't exist. Get over it.

I consider HL3 like the Higs-Boson, string theory, and the female orgasm.
Those who's job it is to know about these things, tell me they are real. They also tell me I could prove for myself that these things exist if I spent as much time studying them as they did. I unfortunately have other interests.

Yes, I've been waiting patiently for quite some time.

People saying it's vaporware don't have a clue, Valve wouldn't be uptight and refuse to talk about a game that they aren't making. And the fact that they clearly aren't devoting resources to much else right now says something. Then there's the whole Borealis easter egg that they snuck into Portal 2 that people seem to forget about. They've also confirmed that they're making Source 2 but won't role it out until they have a proper game to do it with... what would be better to do that with than the next Half Life. Ya, it's totally canceled.

Considering the level of quality control Valve has, and their tendency to be ambitious, I would expect the next Half Life to take a while. And honestly I'm fine with waiting as long as they deliver in the end. I believe Shigeru Miyamoto put it quite nicely.

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is bad forever."

The episodes were decent, but it was obvious the series was going nowhere fast with that model.

Valve are saving up so they can release a game literally just called '3', which will be a giant mashup of all third instalments from them that are yet to(currently) come.

Nope. Half-Life was a good game. Half-Life 2 was vastly overrated. Following on from 2, and knowing Valve will follow that wonga scent, I'm certain Half-Life 3 will be the prettiest FPS game to date, but I doubt it'll be in any way innovative in its gameplay. That's just my opinion, sorry to say it.

Nope. Half Life 2 was fun but it wasn't good enough for me to really care about getting a sequel anytime soon.

I'm definitely excited for whatever they'll make, be it HL3, Episode 3 or whatever they ultimately do. With that said, I'm not exactly holding my breath, nor am I very hyped at the moment.

When something gets announced, however, I'll be on the edge of my seat, because chances are I've shat enough bricks to not be able to sit properly anymore.

I was interested in it and waited a bit for it when I first finished it (about four years ago), because I though it was going to be announced soon. It never was, and I basically just lost interest in the entire story due to time to the point where I don't care about HL3 anymore.

I'm hoping it comes out primarily for the story. I want to know what happens to Gordon Freeman and his friends. I want to know who G-Man is. I want the Combine to be wiped out.

But there's no hope, so we might as well forget about (or accept that it has no ending) one of the most critically acclaimed game franchises of all time, right?

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