Have you ever made any real friends through / via gaming?

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Yeah, I met one guy through WoW who I chatted with for around seven years. He was also Swedish, but lived far away from me.
All of sudden he moved to my town and started pestering me for meeting up. I wasn't fond of the idea since I've been quite let down by online friends when meeting them irl before(they've turned out to be quite weird), but we were very simular. Both metalheads, same sense of humor and both loved parties and such.
Our friendship fucked up eventually though. We got a bit tired of each other, however it was fun while it lasted.

Also met a ton friends from a gaming site like the Escapist but Swedish and focused on Final Fantasy. Registered when I was 12 and those of us who were active then are still friends 13 years later. It's mostly only online, but I've met some girlfriends and real friends there. When I was younger we used to meet up once a week/month or so. They also have yearly meet-ups, however I've only gone once.

Once you leave a school / college environment, depending on your job it can be pretty common. Just because after school, you're not being paired with people of your own age and interest sets anymore. I mean you can luck out and end up with co-workers who share your hobbies, and you can even befriend co-workers who you wouldnt normally consider to have mutual grounds to base it on...

But yeah, if you're semi-social in the games you play, its not uncommon to find your friends group is coming from your gaming, rather than your immediate surrounding.

I actually have a friend who I gamed with a bunch about 7 years ago. We realised we lived nearby, and started having the odd meet up for a drink or events in our city, and we've been friends ever since.

I've never had someone go from stranger to friend via games, but my two best friends right now started out as an acquaintance and a friend's boyfriend. We'd talk about games at parties, then we started playing together, and then started talking more as a result.


The closest one was someone I became friends with in Guild Wars. He was the guild master and I was one of the few people he first recuited and I did helped out with the guild building alot mainly donating alot of cash into it.

Once I learned he was into anime, we chat alot in the game, we did share our message details to chat over there instead. We also could of met up in person one time when I told him about the MCM Expo London (he lived near there) which I was attending when I staying over at my bro place. Sadly we missed the oppertunity to meet since we were not close enough (didn't exchange phone numbers).

He eventually stop playing the game which I guess I did felt somewhat betrayed/ hurtful about it to the point I took him off my Friendlist on Facebook.

I think he is on Guild Wars 2 assuming he is using his old GW1 character names but even then the chances of meeting him again GW 2 is very slim due to the several servers you can be on.

I wouldn't consider him to be real friend I met online otherwise, I would of tried harder to keep in touch with him and contine to chat with him in Guild Wars 2.

Yes. Several guys I consider among my best friends. I've met them like 11 years ago, in the local network of my home town. We played together for a year or two. Then pretty much everyone left the town. Now I'm like 2000km away from them, so we just talk/chat every now and then. But I'm sure I count on each of these guys, if I'm in need. And so can they.
And the thing is, without gaming, I wouldn't have met them. We were just moving in a different circles, so to speak, at the time. We had different interests. Gladly we all liked video games and specifically BF1942 :)

I'm also not a multiplayer gamer, OP. I very much prefer a solitary immersive single player experience. I guess it just happened back then.

Errr... sort of.

While I technically didn't meet them through games (I met them at Escapism), it was only after I started playing games with them that friendships started.

Granted, it's only been a few months, but they're better friends than all but one of my IRL friends, so I say it counts.

Though it could just point out the sad state of my IRL friendships.

Believe it or not, but World of Warcraft. A friend, which I've actually only met IRL once, but we talk all the time on skype, who is a friend of some of my real life friends, we were in the same guild, and hit it off playing wow, and later other games.

A very long time ago, way back when WoW first began I met a good friend on there. For many years we were only WoW friends, though we always talked to eachother on skype or MSN back when MSN was big. He's one of my closest friends. Sadly we have only ever met up in person once. It's a shame, I'd like to meet up with him more. Otherwise I haven't made any real friends from gaming. My friends do game, but just aren't as into it as I am.

I did, however, meet my boyfriend on League of Legends. The odds were crazy, I know. It's a hive of scum and villainy. However we met there and now I live with him.

Actually half my real life best friendships were forged through a shared appreciation of gaming. I have 4 really good friends who I see and talk to on a regular basis, and they are all gamers. With two of them, gaming played a strong role in bringing us together as friends.

My best friend and I met in college. We were both into comics, but we were initially a little hostile to one another. Then one day we ran into one another at the local arcade and shared a couple of rounds of Street Fighter 2. We got to talking, started running into one another more often, eventually we found out that we both went to the same comic book store as well, though he went on Wednesdays and I went on Thursdays due to payday being Thursday. But if not for Street Fighter 2 at our local arcade, we might never have talked enough to actually become friends.

Another example, I went to the same Starbucks quite a lot after my divorce. My friends and I would go there pretty frequently. And I kept seeing the same guy behind the counter. He was a slender white dude with a shaved head, and he always made great coffee. So I started asking him to make mine if I saw him. One night while waiting for my coffee to be made I said: "So are you trying to look like KANE from Command & Conquer, or is it just happenstance". Turns out, he too was a big gamer and loved C&C as much as I did. He started coming out to sit with us while he was on break and eventually we absorbed him into our group. One night he'd had a rough shift so I invited him to come back to my house with the rest of us and we were going to play some Dreamcast. He came along and we've been friends ever since. Side note, all those other people who I used to hang out with are no longer in my little circle of friends. We all lost touch.

And my other two close friends are both gamers as well, but other things initially drew us to be friends. Gaming was a happy coincidence.

I have made a couple of pretty solid online friendships through games, one of which I do plan on meeting in real life at some point, so there is that. Other than that, nah. The only games I play online are Mount & Blade: Warband and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Not really too many chances of developing relationships with other players (I was in a Warband clan at one point though, which is how I made the few friends I did).

I'm mostly a single player guy, so it's to be expected.

Half a year ago I met my girlfriend at my best friend's birthday party... through Smash Bros.

At the time I didn't know she had an extreme case of social anxiety, and of course being the social psychopath I am I screamed out in joy when I announced I brought a wii, 4 controllers, an SD card with Project M, and asked her like the casanova I am if she'd like to play. After some denials and peer pressure from the other party goers, she went from quiet hermit to the cutest little bundle of joy I've ever laid my eyes on. She left the party without warning but later that night I see on my FB a Friend Request from her. We feel head over heels for each other, we just didn't know it immediately. X)
And of course, the rest is history!

I've also met a cool group of dude bros on TwitchTv who were either streaming/in Dark Souls chat streams. I join up with them on the weekends to hop on streams, join the games themselves, and we've even considered doing a 3-op playthrough of every Souls game before Bloodborne comes out. Safe to say that these guys are my official SunBROS.

Nope. I only play SP. Any time I've tried a games online it's just idiots screaming over me not playing how they want me to play.

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