Four New Multiplayer Maps Available for Gears of War


Announced today are four new multiplayer maps for Gears of War, available on Xbox Live for 800 Microsoft Points.

  • “Bullet Marsh” puts players in a Kryll-infested swamp with lights lit only by an old generator.
  • “The Garden” is an overgrown and crumbling conservatory that still has a working fertilization and pesticide system that can pose a serious threat for anyone who ventures in without first venting the air.
  • In “Process,” teams must fight for control of a subterranean Imulsion processing plant that’s still active, even after the end of the Pendulum Wars.
  • In “Subway,” players will battle Locust in Timgad’s old central subway system.

The “Hidden Fronts” Multiplayer Map Pack is available today, May 3, for 800 Microsoft Points. If you’re patient, these maps will be made available for free download on September 3, 2007.

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