Fox Business Criticizes Studio Ghibli’s Latest


According to Fox Business, The Secret World of Arrietty and The Lorax are turning children into “occu-toddlers.”

In a segment on Monday’s episode of Lou Dobbs Tonight, puffy-faced, human-combover Lou Dobbs argued that both Studio Ghibli’s adaptation of The Borrowers and the upcoming adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax are “demonizing the so-called 1% and espousing green policies, come what may.”

“[This is] a story you won’t hear anywhere in the national liberal media” he says, before accusing both films of pushing “Hollywood’s liberal agenda.”

Impressive, given that Arrietty is a Japanese film. Dobbs then shows us a short montage of President Obama saying the word “fair” over and over again like he’s in some kind of bizzarre presidential remix, before introducing a trio of right-leaning pundits, one of which suggest parents protest the film by littering in theatres.

Last month, Fox made similar claims about The Muppets film, only to suffer a stinging verbal beat down at the hands of Miss Piggy.

Despite the histrionics, Fox may have a point: The Lorax definitely does feature an environmentalist agenda, though I’d argue it’s one made obvious by the films marketing. The book was accused of vilifying the logging industry back in 1988.

Fox, if you’re looking for another well-loved, whimsical show that brightened the lives of thousands of children to rail against, might I suggest Bagpuss? I’ve heard he’s pretty keen on recycling, liberal shill that he is.

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