Fox, EA Team For Spore Film


Not content with merely conquering the world of computer gaming, EA’s Spore is getting the feature film treatment courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.

The film will be adapted as a CG-animated tale in the vein of Ice Age and Robots (making it pretty convenient for this paragraph that the director of both those films has been attached to the Spore movie.

In related news (that may amuse only me), Wedge also directed the provocatively titled, somehow-not-pornographic Aunt Fanny’s Tour of Booty.

If you’re wondering how a sandbox game like Spore can be turned into a movie, ask scriptwriters Greg Erb and Jason Oremland. Their most recent effort was Disney’s upcoming The Princess And The Frog so they should have some grasp on how to write a family friendly cartoon, at least in theory.

Though it shouldn’t be a shock to gamers, Variety’s story seems to insinuate that this movie is being made with an eye toward revenue, not artistic expression. “A movie is seen as a way to not only boost interest among current gamers and newbies to the property, especially as sequels and expansion packs are released, but also to create a new source of revenue for EA,” the Hollywood-centric rag says.

At best I think we can hope for disposable kiddie fare (which, sadly, would still rank above the vast majority of game to film adaptations).

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