French Fansite Leaks Shadowrun Returns Images


New in-game pictures show the colorful despair of Shadowrun Returns.


Update: According to Harebrained Schemes, these pictures are not actual screenshots, but rather “concept pieces assembled in Photoshop using real in-game assets and character models in arranged poses.” Mock-ups or not, it gives an idea what the finished game might look like.

Original post: While we know that Shadowrun Returns will have a nice, glossy spread in Game Informer, thanks to the French fan site Foundation Draco, you can now sneak a peek at the screenshots that are supposed to debut in the magazine next month.

While we’ve seen some art assets before, this is the first time we’ve seen pictures that show what the game will actually look like to players. While the style is very colorful and animated, it still captures the filth and despair of a Sixth World 2075. Also, the article will talk about how the combat is inspired by XCOM and the dialog system will involve keywords. For the full info dump, you’ll just have to buy a copy when it hits newstands/your mailbox.

Perhaps the most interesting reveal is the scenario editor that will ship with the game. One screenshot in particular shows a simple WYSIWYG editor that will allow anyone to make their own Shadowrun module. Not only is the Shadowrun community getting a new RPG, but they’ll also be able to tell their own stories using the developer’s official mod tools.

While it started last year with a swift Kickstarter to the pants, the project has been delayed until later this year, when it will debut on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android tablets.

Source: Foundation Draco, via Rock Paper Shotgun

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