French Filmmaker Teases Incredible Diablo Fan Film


These filmmakers went above and beyond to showcase their dedication to the world of Diablo.

The same team of awesome French independent filmmakers who brought us last year’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Fan Film Hope are at it again. This time, they’re bringing us their real passion: Diablo. During the production of last year’s Star Wars film, Diablo III was released, and filmmaker Michael Schaack knew right then what his next movie would be. One of the stars of his previous film was Yann Salim Abidi Dominique Duche, who in addition to having a a plethora of names is a breakdancer, choreographer, and actor. Schaack decided that Abidi was perfect for a film based on the Diablo novels – the story of a man possessed by the drive of a suit of magic armor.

Schaack paid for the film out of his own pocket, no mean feat for an independent filmmaker just showing his passion for a game. The amount of work that went into the film is pretty awe inspiring – from original music based on the game score to scrubbing the reflections of green screen out of polished armor. All of this isn’t to mention having someone forge actual weapons and armor for the movie. If you’re interested in a bit more story behind the making of the film, as well as the shenanigans and near death experiences Abidi has while wearing a 70kg suit of functioning gothic plate armor, then check out the Fan Film making of feature that Schaack has posted online.

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