FRIDAY BOX-OFFICE: Transformers Dominates, Others Stumble


Michael Bay’s fourth robot adventure could have a $100 million weekend

Surprising nobody, Transformers: Age of Extinction is opening to huge Friday box-office which, if consistent, could make it the first film to exceed the opening weekend haul of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and may push all the way to the $100 million “magic number.”

Transformers has opened largely unopposed, with the only other recent action competition being the underperforming Edge of Tomorrow. It’s also performing strong overseas, particularly in China – which should leave the Chinese investors who partnered with Paramount on the production feeling pretty good about their decision.

The film faces little real competition heading into its second weekend (July 4th, no less), as well. The only competitors in sight are the family flick Earth to Echo, Deliver Us From Evil (a horror film from soon-to-be Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson) and the Melissa McCarthy comedy Tammy.

Source: Deadline

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