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EA just revealed Full Circle, a new Vancouver-based game studio tasked with working on the next entry in the Skate series. A website for the new addition to EA’s developer lineup is already online with numerous open positions for what many are just referring to as Skate 4. As reported by VentureBeat, former Xbox Live head Daniel McCulloch will serve as the studio’s general manager, and he will be joined by Skate veterans Deran Chung and Cuz Parry, who are returning as key designers.

“We’re so stoked to be back working on Skate,” Chung and Parry said in a statement. “Some would say things have come full circle.”

Skate 4 was announced in June of 2020 after years of fans pleading with EA to make another entry in the franchise. The last game arrived more than 10 years ago in May of 2010.

“The fans wished Skate back into existence, and we want them to feel involved in the process from development to game launch and beyond,” McCulloch said. “We want them to feel like they are a part of Full Circle.”

McCulloch continued, explaining what direction the studio aims to take: “We’re all about having fun and making great games that people want to play with their friends. And, we’re looking for more developers to help us build compelling worlds for players to explore.”

Skate 4 is still without any sort of release window, so stay tuned for more updates from EA and Full Circle.


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