Full Rock Band 4 Setlist Announced


All of the new songs coming with Rock Band 4 have now been revealed.

The official Rock Band 4 Twitter account has just posted the final round of setlist reveals, meaning that we now know the full setlist of new songs for the upcoming game. If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with all of the revealed songs, here are just the new ones that were revealed today:


Otherwise, you can head on over to the official Rock Band 4 website to see the complete setlist. It’s a pretty broad list of songs, containing old-school classics like Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl and new pop hits like Bruno Mars’s Uptown Funk.

As a reminder, Harmonix has stated that Rock Band 4 will be compatible with all of your previously downloaded Rock Band DLC songs, putting the potential song library of the game well into the 100s.

Rock Band 4 will release on October 6 this year.

Source: Twitter

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