G2A is Going to Force Key Sellers to Supply a Name and Address


G2A says that it is going to begin requiring key sellers to provide a name and address on July 1.

G2A has come under fire many times in the last year, most recently in connection with its short-lived deal with Gearbox. There have also been a number of complaints from people who purchased games through the site only to have their keys revoked because they had been originally purchased fraudulently. Today, G2A says it is implementing a new policy on July 1 to give more transparency to buyers.

The new rules will require key sellers to provide their name and address, and will do away with anonymous sellers. The company also plans to add automatic geolocation. Instead of choosing your location from a dropdown menu, your location will be determined using “data taken from independent and reliable sources.” This is to keep customers from concealing their location to avoid VAT. Coincidentally, all prices on G2A will include VAT starting July 1.

It remains to be seen if G2A can repair its reputation in the eyes of both gamers and developers. This may be a tentative first step in that direction, but it’s unlikely to be enough.

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