Gabe Newell recently participated in a candid video interview with a class of high school students.

The current Sports and Entertainment Marketing class at Tippecanoe Valley High School are a bunch of lucky ducks. Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve, was kind enough to recently join the class in a lengthy video conference session.

Newell is a very successful man, so the teacher thought his insight into the entertainment industry might be useful. He goes over Valve’s history and its current practices in a very candid way.

The video is over 40 minutes long, but it’s an interesting look at the inner workings of Valve. Newell talks about how aspiring game makers can get a job at Valve, how Valve decides when a game is done, how Valve has learned to draw in customers through word of mouth rather than purchasing ads, the indie game scene, and more, all over intercom announcements about what’s for lunch at school the next day.

For anyone interested in the videogame industry, Valve, or what goes on behind-the-scenes of videogame development, it’s a great way to spend 40 minutes. Take a break from Left 4 Dead and give it a watch.

Thanks Markcocjin!


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