Game of Thrones and House of Cards Combine in Brilliant Spoof


Quiznos’s House of Thrones video drops Frank Underwood in Westeros with hilarious results.

When it comes to television, Game of Thrones has pretty much cornered the market for brutal storytelling filled to the brim with backstabbing and betrayal. That being the case, the bloody battles of Westeros could arguably find a strong contender in the Netflix’s House of Cards. The tale of congressman Frank Underwood’s ascension into the higher realms of Washington, it’s a series often just as ruthless and underhanded as HBO’s grand fantasy. And now, thanks to Quiznos, the two have met in a video that can only be described as glorious.

Dropping Mr. Underwood in the midst of the warring seven kingdoms, House of Thrones sees the wily character strolling through encounters with some of Game of Thrones most famous characters. Some he just insults while others he outright dispatches. He also does a bit of advertising for Quiznos along the way (the restaurant sponsored the video), but the product plug is so brief that it’s almost inconsequential.

While the concept of coupling these two properties, on its own, is pretty danged brilliant, what makes it work so well is easily the performance of celebrity impersonator Ross Marquand who absolutely nails Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood. His southern accent and mannerisms; watching Marquand saunter from encounter to encounter feels like watching a younger version of Underwood’s character. According to Marquand, he “watched Season 2 of ‘House of Cards‘ in almost one night to try to get the cadence and the flow of [Underwood’s] voice” down. We’d say it was well worth the work.

Source: NY Post

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