GameLife Host Faces Bail and House Arrest


Andrew Rosenblum, the 20-year-old host of the GameLife internet show, gets released on bail, but still faces house arrest.

Following his arrest at his parents’ home, Andrew Rosenblum has been released on a $50,000 bail by Roxbury Municipal Court Judge Edward Redd for threatening to go on a gun rampage at Wheelock College. After pleading not guilty to three charges of of intent to do bodily harm, Rosenblum was limited to house arrest and tagged with a GPS locator until his June 13 trial.

J.W. Carney Jr., the defendants attorney, claims that his client was distraught over the loss of his grandmother. “He used inappropriate language to show his pain. He’s an immature young man upset over the break up and death of a grandmother. … He made a thoughtless judgment in the midst of a long IM conversation. He did not consider the implications of the words he used because he did not appreciate the impact of that language on the people who would later read it.”


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