Gamer Geeks Pick Up Girls With StarCraft Lingo


“Hey baby, I’ve got an additional pylon for you.”

The whole “pick-up artist” thing may seem kind of sleazy and wholly disrespectful to women, but as it turns out there’s also comedy to be found in it, too. There’s an entire YouTube channel devoted to seeing if people can pick up girls – that is, get their phone number – with a gimmick or handicap, like working special phrases or lingo into their approach.

The most recent video uses StarCraft speech: Will a girl give her number to someone who tries hitting on her with great APM? Will she reject someone with an admitted history of Stimpack usage?

I really don’t know what I’m watching here. It’s surreal, but also kind of entertaining in its own way. Frankly, I’m surprised they don’t just get ignored from the get-go.

Really, if you wanted to pick up girls with StarCraft, wouldn’t you just have to move to Korea?

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