The #welovegamedevs hashtag is a chance for gamers to show appreciation to creators.

After voice actors, game developers are the celebrities of the video game industry. As such, they are the targets of praise and criticism, mostly criticism. After a considerably tumultuous week in the games industry, The Guardian’s Keith Stuart asked gamers to take a moment to thank the creators of their favorite games with the #welovegamedevs hashtag.

The tag started early this morning and was trending in the US within three hours, before most of the country had started their day. Developers like Insomniac have shown their appreciation for the tag, and even Sony has gotten in on the hashtag. The tag has also split off to the #welovegames tag as well.

If you’re a fan of any particular development companies or individual developers in the games industry, maybe take a moment to tweet some love. Twitter puts players in connection with creators and plenty of people use this to lob criticisms and harassment at devs. Now seems like a perfect time to show our appreciation to the people that make the games we enjoy.

Keith Stuart, who started the tag after some controversy sparked this past week in the games industry, is the games editor for The Guardian.

Source: Twitter

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