GameStop CEO Says “Wow” to Battlefield 4 Preview


The next Battlefield game is readying up, and there’s a Battlefield 3 sale to boot.

EA teased the existence of Battlefield 4 in a Medal of Honor: Warfighter trailer, much to the surprise of Battlefield 3 players who had barely been playing the game for a year. That was a few months ago, and now a tweet by GameStop’s CEO coupled with a Battlefield 3 sale suggests that the next Battlefield game may be generating some momentum.

A tweet on GameStop’s official Twitter account reveals the CEO’s reaction to the preview:

Origin was quick to follow up on the message, announcing a sale on Battlefield 3 for PC and all its DLC packs on Origin:

People who pre-ordered the late Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition will be granted early access to the Battlefield 4 beta, which is scheduled for fall 2013.

Now that the Medal of Honor franchise has been retired, will Battlefield generate enough attention to try and wrest some control of the modern-shooter market away from Activision? According to DICE executive producer Patrick Bach, he previously said that “people tend to buy Battlefield for quite some time”. We’ll see how it all goes as more details on the game surface.

Battlefield 4 is expected to arrive in the latter half of 2013.

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