If you pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever a decade ago, your money is still good at GameStop.

Duke Nukem Forever was first announced in 1997, so there are bound to have been a lot of pre-orders on the title since then. The game’s troubled development cycle may have caused some of these to be lost in the nether, but if you can prove that you pre-ordered at GameStop, the retailer has promised to honor your $5 deposit.

GamePro asked GameStop how it planned to handle Forever pre-orders, and the company replied with a statement saying: “With a long-anticipated release like Duke Nukem Forever, we encourage customers who pre-ordered more than a year ago to verify their reservation with their local store prior to launch. Provided the customer has a receipt, we will honor even those pre-orders taken long ago.”

GameStop added that pre-order customers from all eras will also receive Duke Nukem Forever‘s pre-order bonuses. Over the years, GameStop has made changes to its POS (point of sale) system which may have led to an accidental loss of a deposit on Forever. I hope you saved your receipt!

Of course, this is exactly what GameStop should do, and is actually required to do by law I’d think. If it took payment from customers and pumped up its coffers without offering a product, that’d be what we call “shady.”

Source: GamePro

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