Gears of War Not Coming to PS3 Anytime Soon, Says CliffyB


The Gears of War franchise could go multiplatform, says Bleszinski, but it isn’t going to just yet.

Sony fans who was hoping that they might soon get to play Gears of War on their PS3s will have a long wait on their hands, because despite what Epic president Mike Capps said about wanting to see the series on other consoles, creative director Cliff Bleszinski says that PS3 owners shouldn’t hold their breath.

“I would say in the foreseeable future there’s zero chance of Gears of War being on the PlayStation 3,” Bleszinski said. He added that Epic had a good thing going with Microsoft, adding that the platform holder was a great partner to the studio. He brushed aside Capps’ comments about the series, saying that it was something that made a good news story, but wasn’t something that was actually going to happen. “It’s one of those things that would be exciting news,” he said. “Hopefully DualShock would get tweaked a little bit, but anyway, enough about that.”

He also made it clear that there was more Gears games to come, and that Gears 3 simply represented the end of the current trilogy. While that might not seem like much of a surprise – Epic has already expanded Gears universe to include books and graphic novels, and a movie is in development, and clearly has more long-term plans for the franchise – Bleszinski did indicate that he was tired of being asked the question.

Gears of War 3 comes out for Xbox 360 on September 20th.

Source: Industry Gamers

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