Get a Glimpse at BioWare’s New Project


BioWare is teasing its newest project with a short video clip and a promise of a big reveal on the upcoming 2010 Spike Video Game Awards.

BioWare already has a lot on its plate, with Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic all in the works, but apparently it has room for more. More of what, we’re not quite sure, since this incredibly brief trailer shows more about Mass Effect and Dragon Age than it does about the new game. But here’s what we see: A rugged, short-haired man in body armor brings his weapon to bear and prepares to inflict serious trauma on some poor schmuck in the ruined landscape below him.

And if you think that sounds like every BioWare game to come out since 2005, well, who am I to argue? Not that I’m casting aspersions here; trying to judge anything on the merits of a three-second video clip is foolish, after all. And while I’ve stepped into the boots of a lantern-jawed macho man, assembled a party of heroic misfits and saved the world from impending doom in fantasy and future settings, I haven’t yet done it in a contemporary, “modern” environment. So maybe this is just a chance to nail the trifecta.

Or maybe it’s Mass Effect 3 and that’s the new guy in the party! Or maybe BioWare just wants to take a crack at making a “modern warfare” shooter! Whatever it is, we’ve got lots of time for wild speculation: The curtain doesn’t go up until the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards on December 11.

Source: Spike

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