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October 13, 2021 6:09 pm

Get Back, a Beatles Documentary from Peter Jackson, Doesn’t Let Us Down in Disney+ Trailer

The last time Peter Jackson extended a single film into a three-part “event,” the end result wasn’t too great, but judging from the trailer for the director’s next one, it’s looking a whole lot better. Disney+ and The Beatles YouTube today dropped the trailer for Peter Jackson’s upcoming three-part Beatles documentary, Get Back, revealing an extensive look into the making and production of the band’s 12th album, Let It Be, which was the final album they released (though not recorded). Get Back also received its November release date (well, dates).

Everyone is aware of the famous rooftop concert The Beatles held, but the build-up to that concert was a mad sprint to get songs completed all while the band steadily broke apart. The footage for the documentary is taken from 60 hours shot for the 1972 film Let It Be, which ended up being more of a film about the unraveling of the band than the production of the album. (Get Back also drew from more than 150 hours of unheard audio.) Jackson’s take seems to be a bit more uplifting as we see the band pulling together, being playful, and admittedly developing one of their best albums. Based on the trailer, the Get Back documentary from Peter Jackson seems like a big celebration of The Beatles’ contribution to music and their genius rather than a look at how things feel apart.

That’s probably as it should be, as the six-hour series is part of a massive retrospective that is being done right now that will also include a big book and a six-disc CD (yes, they still make those) box set. It’s a massive haul for fans of the band that will shed even more light and insight into what was going on during the final months of the band’s existence.

Get Back has a three-part release date on Disney+ of November 25, 26, and 27, 2021.