Get to Comic-Con, Play Mass Effect 3


BioWare is making Comic-Con all about Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age II by bringing brand new content to the show.

BioWare is adding its two cents to San Diego Comic-Con this year to make the event bigger than ever. Those two cents will come in the form of playable demos for both Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age II DLC that BioWare is bringing to the show.

BioWare community guru Chris Priestly announced the demos on the BioWare Social Network forums. He writes that not only will Mass Effect 3 be playable for the first time, but brand new Dragon Age II DLC will also be on display. BioWare previously tweeted that it had started work on Dragon Age III, but apparently isn’t done with Dragon Age II just yet.

BioWare will also he hosting the first ever BioWare Costume Contest on July 22. I suggest going for the Minsc/Boo combination from Baldur’s Gate, the dog from MDK 2, or just confusing everyone by dressing up as Sonic the Hedgehog from Sonic Chronicles.

You actually don’t even need a Comic-Con badge to take part in any of these festivities, as BioWare will be set up in the Hilton Gaslamp hotel. Live nearby and love yourself some BioWare? Head over.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011 runs from July 21-24.

Source: BioWare Social Network

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