Get Your Vote On, Wii Style!


Get ready for the new “Everybody Votes” channel for the Wii Menu; it promises an easy and fun way to cast your answers to a variety of different questions and then compare them to your friends and family’s answers.

Three poll questions will be offered at one time, and will remain for a week until the polls are closed and updated with new questions. Within hours of closing, regional results will be available and displayed for each region in your country. The previous 12 polls voted on will be archived so users can check back on how hey voted. Worldwide polls will be held twice a month and live updates will show the results after poll closings.

Users may predict the outcomes of polls; every correct prediction will be added to the voter’s profile and used to calculate how “tuned in” they are with the public.

Finally, users may suggest a poll topic- one submission is allowed daily, and the best of these suggestions may be used by Nintendo as poll questions.

The Everybody Votes channel is available for free download from the Wii Shop Channel.

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