Ghost Trick Haunts iOS


You can play the first two chapters of the excellent Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective for free on iOS.

Despite being fun, original and absolutely goddamn beautiful Ghost Trick failed to make much of a sales splash when it was released for the DS. In fact, it sold so poorly that Capcom blamed it, alongside Lost Planet 2 and Monster Hunter Tri, for the company’s disastrous Q1 2010 performance. The game got an iOS re-release that same year, but it was limited to Japan-only.

The western release of Ghost Trick iOS came out today and will work on all iDevices running iOS 4.3 or higher. The first two levels of the game are free and will give you a tantalizing taste of what the game has to offer. Subsequent chapters can be bought for $4.99 each, or you can pick up the whole game for only $9.99.

In Ghost Trick, players take on the role of Sissel, a ghost with the ability to rewind time and possess everyday objects. Sissel can continuously relive events, possessing and tweaking various different things to change the outcome. The games’ levels grow in complexity, until eventually they begin to resemble the later scenes of Groundhog Day crossed with an episode of the Chuckle Brothers. Our own Susan Arendt certainly liked it.

Ten bucks for one the best unsung adventure games of the past few years? Sold.

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