Gizmondo Executives Avoid Investigation


British officials on the prowl for three executives from Gizmondo for questioning about the company’s bankruptcy.

Former Gizmondo founder Stefan Eriksson, executive Peter Uf and legal counsel Leon Daniel are all being sought by British credit liquidators and authorities for questioning regarding their personal criminal activities with organized crime syndicate Uppsala Mafia and the closure of the handheld company they ran into the ground.

“Three people of interest at this moment in time. They need to come in to answer some very serious questions regarding their conduct,” explained investigator James Hunt.

Eriksson, who was released from California prison three months ago, claims that he has “nothing to hide,” despite avoiding meeting with the police while his business partner Carl Freer has fully cooperated. The ex-executive states that he intends to meet with liquidators “hopefully in a few weeks.”

“We’ve interviewed all the main characters, but we have yet to speak with Stefan Eriksson,” said Colin Wilson of Begbies Traynor, a British consulting firm for bankrupt businesses.

Hunt added, “Stefan Eriksson has failed to give appropriate dates, but we will be patient, and extend all the curtesy to him, and if that doesn’t bring him to the table, their are remedies for the High Court that we will seek.”

A major issue up for debate is whether the Ferrari Eriksson was driving when he crashed in 2006 was stolen.

“I want to prove my case,” he demanded in defense of his totaled Ferrari. “[The banks] can’t be allowed to do what they have done… it’s just ridiculous.”

Source: The Local, RealTID

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