GlaDOS Gets Screen Time in Pacific Rim Trailer


This time out, Ellen McClain gets to help save the world.

“You’re going to see the famous Kaiju overhead throw,” Guillermo del Toro promised of his sci-fi epic Pacific Rim back in October, and you’ll also be seeing – or rather, hearing – a very familiar AI. We already knew Ellen McClain had been snagged from Valve for this movie; now we get to see a little screen time, in this latest trailer.

Pacific Rim – or, as del Toro has called it, his “beautiful poem to giant monsters” – takes place in a near-future setting, where immense death-dealing creatures have risen up from beneath the sea to destroy mankind. The mecha used to fight these beings are piloted by two people, using a neural bridge interface to coordinate controls – hence the AI component – with Industrial Light and Magic handling the visuals and Legacy Effects dealing with the practical side of things.

Though the film isn’t due until 2013, initial buzz has been so promising that the studio is already talking about a sequel, with del Toro as co-writer. It’s far too soon to know who’d be in it, so those hoping for a second dose of GlaDOS will just have to wait patiently. You can do that, right?

Source: Eurogamer

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