Glitch Wipes Out 3000 Bioshock Infinite Preorders


If you ordered Bioshock Infinite online from Best Buy, please double-check that your limited editions are where you left them.

According to technological trends, one day all entertainment media will be purchased using seamless and convenient online transactions. But that day isn’t here yet, since a recent glitch in Best Buy’s preorder system proves we still have a few bugs keeping us from an internet utopia. To summarize: several unlucky early purchasers of Bioshock Infinite received a surprise email stating that their preorder was successfully cancelled and all deposits would be refunded. If this happened to you, take heart, because at least you’re not alone. Up to 3000 online customers got the bad news, many of whom rushed to Best Buy’s Customer Support looking for answers.

It’s not clear what caused the error, but it seems to have affected preorders for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. Even worse, the cancelled purchases extend to Bioshock Infinite limited editions, freeing up those claimed copies for repurchase. Bioshock Infinite appears to be the only game impacted, but as always, customers should keep an eye on their inboxes to be on the safe side.

Thankfully, anyone who received an email only needs to contact Best Buy’s Customer Support to quickly reprocess the order. Just make sure to double-check your spam filters, or else you might be left in the cold when your Songbird statue goes to someone else.

Source: SideQuesting, via Joystiq

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