Goat Simulator Adding a Space-Based Expansion Tomorrow


As if Goat Simulator wasn’t crazy enough, now they’re sending your goat to outer space in a new expansion titled Waste of Space.

Goat Simulator is a goofy game at its very core, and it’s only gotten moreso with each successive expansion. There was the MMO expansion, the zombie expansion, and the crossover with Payday 2. Now they’re taking things up another notch by blasting a goat into space.

The Waste of Space expansion is taking shots at just about every space-based game you can think of. Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, and Mass Effect all get poked fun at in the trailer (seen below), and as a bonus, there’s a great Schwarzenegger-like narrator as well.

According to the official copy, the Waste of Space expansion will let you “visit space today” instead of getting “old waiting for that other space game that you already paid for.” There’s an “endless space full of planets to visit, but seriously it would take forever to go there so why bother.” Luckily, there’s “one planet nearby though. Go to that one.” It also says that this expansion will feature the biggest map in the game’s history, and that “No crew member will be left unromanced.”

There’s no word on what the new expansion will cost, but if history (and past expansion pricing) is any guide, you can expect it to be around $5.

One wonders what the next expansion might bring. Goats solving cold fusion, perhaps?

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