God of War Blades of Chaos Come to Life


Swordsmith Tony Swatton created Kratos’ Blades of Chaos from God of War as one of his many projects for Man At Arms.

Swordsmith Tony Swatton takes requests for new projects in his Man At Arms show. Judging by the popularity of the action-adventure series God of War, it shouldn’t come as a surprise for so many commenters to call for Swatton’s take on Kratos’ Blades of Chaos.

Swatton describes Kratos’ sword as “ginormously huge,” which is why he scaled down the God of War’s blade for a much smaller human, making it about 37 inches long. “The Atlantian sword Arnold Schwarzenegger swung around for the first Conan movie weighed eight pounds. After cutting out the inner section [of the Blades of Chaos], it was down to eight and a quarter pounds.” After sanding away rough edges, Swatton said it was down to about seven and a half pounds.

“It’s almost something that you can carry,” he noted. “Well, I can carry it, but most people couldn’t.”

The hilt, grip, and pommel were cast solid in bronze – Swatton said together they weighed “probably 50 or 60 pounds” – making them extremely heavy. Had they been left as is, the sword would have been impossible to use effectively. To fix this, the interiors were milled out to make them lighter.

Nearing the end of the Blades of Chaos’s creation, the metal had been pounded away by a hammer to give it a rougher look, but it was still too pretty. Some highly corrosive chemicals did the trick, giving it the appropriate dirty look.

As always, at the end of Man At Arms, the forged weapons are put to the test in chopping fruit, sculptures, glass, plastic bottles and other assorted things that exist to be destroyed for this segment.

Swatton has made many fan favorites of fictional blades, such as the hidden blade and cutlass of Assassin’s Creed IV and a Minecraft sword, but if you’re still looking for something special, he takes requests.

Source: YouTube

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