God of War Director Still Loves Dante’s Inferno


Dante’s Inferno might duplicate some aspects of the popular God of War, but nobody really seems to mind.

Whatever happened to good old brain-bashing videogame rivalries? In the case of God of War versus Dante’s Inferno, it looks like everybody is getting along just fine… a little too fine if you ask me. God of War III director Stig Asmussen told the press last year that he hoped Dante’s Inferno would be awesome, and now after actually playing the game he’s back stating that he still likes it.

We’ve been talking about how similar Dante’s Inferno is to God of War so much that my pancreas is about to fall out, but guess what, it’s true. Dante’s Inferno has done a little bit to differentiate itself from God of War, including the future addition of a level editor, but the two franchises are still very similar. Something that stuck out to me in particular is the way Dante turns a crank just like Kratos. Regardless, Asmussen couldn’t care less, as he told UK Official PlayStation magazine: “We’ve been intrigued about Dante’s Inferno. This is my favorite genre, and the more people that are making [these games] the better.” What? Where’s the hatred and vitriol that we can latch onto and blow out of proportion?

He continued: “And this is a really rich story they’re building on, it’s very interesting. The day that the demo came out we were trying to download it on PSN at midnight. We all wanted to see it.” I’m thinking this is the type of situation just like when you pretend you want your brother to get a good job but in actuality you secretly hope he fails in everything he does so you can look like the good child.

Honestly, Asmussen should be loving Dante’s Inferno right now. It’s been getting decent reviews, and serves as the perfect appetizer for God of War III, set to release on March 16 in North America (March 19 in Europe). Videogame store employees everywhere right now are attacking customers with the line: “If you liked Dante’s Inferno, you’ll love God of War III, so pre-order today!” The best part for everyone is that they’re not even lying. I’m going to look into Asmussen’s recent stock purchases, but he really has nothing to gain from bashing Dante’s Inferno anyway.

Source: CVG

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