God of War PlayStation 5 update, Santa Monica Studio PS5 upgrade, 60 FPS, 4k

Surprise! Santa Monica Studio is dropping its God of War PlayStation 5 enhancement update tomorrow. The studio posted on its website to offer details on what upgrades will arrive when this beefier version of the 2018 classic is made available tomorrow, Feb. 2. The update will be free for everyone that owns the game, and it will bring a new default graphics mode option that gives the game 60 FPS, 4K checkerboard resolution, and 2160p.

On PlayStation 5, this new graphics mode will replace the previous mode available to PlayStation 4 Pro owners as the default, which allowed you to choose between having a higher frame rate or better resolution. This new mode will of course enable both simultaneously. But if for some reason you’re looking for something closer to that 2018 experience, you have the option to revert back to the Original Performance Experience mode, which offers 4K checkerboard resolution at 30 FPS.

Santa Monica first revealed its upgraded God of War patch in October of last year, promising visual enhancements as well as the ability to transfer your save over to the PlayStation 5 version of the game.

If you subscribe to PlayStation Plus and own a PlayStation 5, you can download God of War from the PlayStation Plus Collection, free of charge.


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