Godzilla Full Trailer Is Finally Revealed


The full-on Godzilla trailer teases a dark twist on the most famous monster to stomp out of the sea.

I can’t say I was too impressed with the initial Godzilla teaser, although it did afford me the opportunity to make a Godzookie joke, which is always appreciated. But now the full trailer is here, and my mind is changed. Dramatically changed.

I’m no fan of generic disaster flicks, but there’s something about this that looks different. Sure, there are plenty of special effects and things blowing up, trashed cityscapes and all the rest, but the “humanity will triumph” theme so prevalent in these things just isn’t there. Maybe it’s Bryan Cranston bringing some added gravitas to the table; whatever the reason, it’s a lot less “we shall overcome” and a lot more “God help us, because we are SO screwed.”

A good trailer does not a good movie make (I was very impressed with the first John Carter teaser and we all know how that turned out) but this is a very promising development. Hope the big fella lives up to his billing.

Godzilla hits theaters on May 16.

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