GOG Galaxy Update Adds Cloud Saving, Screenshots, and More

0’s optional client will now include the ability to keep your saves in the cloud, even for older games.

The optional client for is called Galaxy, and was announced back in 2014. It remains an option for GOG users, allowing them to manage and update their games in much the same manner that Steam does. Today, GOG is rolling out its biggest update yet, adding some major features to its client.


First up is cloud saving. This will sync your saves to the cloud after every session, and means you don’t have to worry about losing your progress. That’s good enough, but what makes it even nicer is that the feature will support older games as well, so your Planescape: Torment saves will be safe and secure.

The update also adds the new in-game overlay that lets you chat, check achievement progress, and more by pressing Shift + TAB in games that support it. Those supported games will also now be able to save screenshots by pressing F12 in-game. The new overlay will also include a FPS meter to let you see just how well your rig is running The Witcher 3.

Another interesting feature is a new hibernation mode. This automatic mode greatly reduces the amount of CPU used by the client, freeing up resources for your games. There’s also a completely revamped chat system that lets you chat with friends in or out of game, as well as the ability to schedule and limit bandwidth.

It’s also worth noting that this update will allow you to customize the GOG Galaxy client, turning on and off the features that you want to use. That means is you don’t want the overlay or achievements enabled, you can just turn them off.

The new update goes live today for those who have opted in to test upcoming updates (you can opt in through the settings menu on your client), and will roll out to all users in April. You can check out the changes and download the client over on

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