GOG Lets You Pick 5 For $10

image is discounting several titles for a week-long Black Friday sale.

Few digital games distributors are testing new sales formats these days quite like In the past month and a half, the website has held not just one, but two “pay what you want” bundle deals on top of the value-centered prices already available. The gaming service seems to be in an experimental mood, and the week of Black Friday is providing another opportunity to attract the wallets of gamers everywhere. From now until November 27th, is offering a “Pick 5 & Pay $10” deal, which allows shoppers to pay even less when choosing from a list of 20 select titles.

The options focus on relatively recent releases more than the classics that was founded upon, but there’s still plenty to enjoy. The deal features fan-favorites like Trine, Torchlight, and Anomaly: Warzone Earth alongside newer titles like Resonance, Botanicula and Unmechanical. There’s even bundle packs within the bundle, (Geneforge 1-5 and The Blackwell Bundle) in particular, increasing the sale’s value even further.

The rest of the titles, in no particular order, are Gemini Rue, To The Moon, Machinarium, Spacechem, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Mutant Mudds, Symphony, and The Ball. Rounding off the set is the entire Introversion catalog, including Uplink, Defcon, Darwinia, and Multiwinia.

While I expect most gamers already have some of these titles, a $10 price tag makes for a great opportunity to snatch up a few more gems from’s collection. For the rare individual who hasn’t purchased any of the above titles, that’s $40 for 20 games, or closer to 30 if you break apart the bundles. Between this deal and the game industry’s Christmas release schedule, it appears we won’t be short for options this holiday season.


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