GOG’s Windows 10 Compatibility Work Its “Smoothest” Ever


GOG’s QA team is working at “full capacity” to ready its retro games for Windows 10.

Windows 10 is on its way and, while many are excited for the next version of the famous operating system, others are understandably nervous about the changes it will bring and how well some software will transition to the new OS. Case in point, fans of GOG and its library of retro products have been understandably anxious about Windows 10 and what the site plans to do to ensure its classic games are compatible with it. GOG, in turn, has recently spoken out to assure its customers that their favorite titles should work if and when they dive into Windows 10.

Speaking in an announcement, the digital retailer stated that its QA team is currently working “at full capacity” testing the site’s retro catalog to make sure they’ll all work with Windows 10. “We are very optimistic about July 29th,” it said. “We’re encountering very few problems and most of those are either resolvable on our end, or likely to get fixed as Windows 10 nears release. In fact, many games that had issues on operating systems newer than Windows XP once again won’t suffer any hiccups on Windows 10.” The company would go on to describe its Windows 10 compatibility work as “the smoothest transition to a brand new system that we’ve ever worked on.” It would go on to further caution that “some games may need a patch to run perfectly smoothly” but assured its customers that the required downloads would be made available as soon as possible.

Speaking personally as someone who frequents GOG as a customer, this news is heartening. I was very much disappointed when I bought a new computer a few years back and discovered that some of the game’s in my GOG library weren’t compatible with Windows 8. Hopefully when I make the switch to Windows 10 I won’t have the same problem.

Source: GOG

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