Golems of Amgarrak DLC Coming to Dragon Age: Origins


Get ready to return to the Deep Roads in Golems of Amgarrak, the new downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins that’s coming in August.

Golems of Amgarrak will feature the return of the Warden and his stalwart companions as they search for a missing Dwarven expedition that was questing in the Deep Roads for the lost secret of Golem creation. Nobody knows what happened but it’s probably nothing good because, as BioWare points out, “Only you can uncover the gruesome fate that befell them,” and “gruesome fates” are usually bad news.

Golems is seriously tough. If you played through Origins and thought it couldn’t keep up with your mad skills, then this is the DLC for you,” Ferret Baudoin of BioWare told “Unless you bring your A-game you won’t last long. Getting the hardest achievement for this DLC is a real badge of honor. Only a handful of BioWarians managed that accomplishment.”

While the secret of Golem creation has been lost since the disappearance of Paragon Caridin centuries ago, rumors persist that a laboratory exists far, far down in the Deep Roads, where new Golems are being made. “Expeditions sent on far patrols in the deep roads occasionally come across strange golems doing amazing things,” Baudoin continued. “Some say that perhaps it was leftover golems from the Legion of Steel. But others whisper, ‘Amgarrak.’ Certainly if anyone managed to find the Halls of Amgarrak, they should expect some amazing things.”

Golems of Amgarrak will feature new environments, characters, creatures and more, and will allow players to import their characters from Origins or Awakenings, or start over again with a brand-new, high-level hero. Playing the new DLC will also unlock “reward items” that will turn up in both Origins and Awakening, but BioWare’s Rob Bartel warned that it won’t be an easy task. “We want to emphasize that the Golems of Amgarrak is a very challenging quest and not for the faint of heart, particularly when played on Hard or Nightmare difficulty,” he said. “As for the secret horrors at which the trailer hints, we’ll leave that for only our bravest of players to discover.”

Golems of Amgarrak is scheduled for release on August 10 at a cost of $5 on the PlayStation Network, 400 Microsoft Points for the Xbox 360 or 400 BioWare Points for the PC.

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