Google Maps Update Adds Uber Support, Deeper Transit Integration

Google Maps Uber 310x

Uber is now a selectable mode of transport within Google Maps.

Another day, another Google update.

Google Maps got a sizable update today, and several new features should make getting around your city of choice a little easier from now on.

For starters, those with Uber accounts can now choose Uber as a mode of transport inside of the Google Maps app, be it on iOS or Android. Uber shows up under the public transportation tab, so you can look at your train and subway options before dropping $20 on a private driver.

Speaking of public transit, Maps now has deeper knowledge of transport scheduling. You can now choose a specific departure time, and Maps will lay out your route options accordingly.

And the last “gotta have” feature? Remembering where you parked your car. Maps can now detect when you’re in a moving vehicle, and when you’re stopped, and it can automagically drop a pin where the car has stopped.

Other additions include added filters for sorting through restaurants and other destinations, enhanced offline maps functionality, saved places across all logged in devices, and lane guidance/recommendation on the highway.

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