Grab a QFX Elite Series Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Multi-Room Speaker Starting at Just $59.99


Hitting play on the Spotify playlist on your phone isn’t going to cut it if you want sound that gets the party started. Instead, meet the Bach. And the Schubert. And the Mozart. Have your pick of the three (and grab them all for the ultimate listening experience) at Escapist Deals – they start at $59.99.

Put a speaker in each room of your home and connect them all – you have the option to play the same track on every speaker, or set up different tracks on each one. Play anything from Spotify, Pandora, GoogleCast, iHeartRadio, and other streaming services. You’ll be able to use your phone, tablet, or computer to control the tunes.

Get the Bach, the Schubert, the Mozart, or all three at Escapist Deals – they start at $59.99.

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