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Delve into the history of Splatoon’s Inkling versus Octarian conflict with collectible sunken scrolls hidden across all twenty seven singleplayer levels. Get your hands on them all with our tips and locations.

The ancient sunken scrolls of Splatoon come with unique artwork depicting the ancient past and modern future of the Inkling society and their endless issues with ugly Octarians. Getting them all reveals hilarious entries filled with fun stories. It’s messy work, but someone’s got to do it. See where they’re all located with the complete singleplayer guide below.

Sunken Scrolls Locations Guide

Find one Sunken Scroll collectible one per level of Splatoon. Follow the easy instructions below to get them all.

Sunken Scroll #1 – Octotrooper Hideout: There are three grey pillars with a crate on the tallest pillar. Spray ink over the columns and transform to reach the taller pillar. Smash the crate to reveal the first scroll.

Sunken Scroll #2 – Lair of the Octoballs: While climbing the tower, use the wall to swim above a metal grate that ramps up and around the tower. At the first ramp section, drop through the grate to a platform with a large crate containing a scroll.

Sunken Scroll #3 – Rise of the Octocopters: On the hallway path with purple and orange ink splatter, there are two brown columns. Climb the left pillar, then jump to the rising platform on the right with the scroll crate.

Sunken Scroll #4 – Gusher Gauntlet: Ride a gusher up to fork leading to two more gushers. Ride the left gusher up and blast the enemy sitting on a crate to reveal the scroll.

Sunken Scroll #5 – Floating Sponge Garden: In the stage, there’s a large blue sponge sitting on a grating vent with two explosive rocket enemies. Let the rockets chase and explode near the sponge to shrink it, then drop through the grate to find your scroll crate.

Sunken Scroll #6 – Propeller-Lift Playground: Past Octos and up a ramp, you’ll find a propeller-lift. Instead of riding it up, shoot the propeller to raise the elevator. Drop down through the hole beneath the lift to uncover an area containing the stage’s hidden scroll.

Sunken Scroll #7 – Spreader Splatfest: The Cap’n tells you to avoid the new spreaders. Jumping down one level, you’ll find the shifting purple brushes on your left. Ride one down beneath the purple platform to discover a secret alcove.

Sunken Scroll #8 – Octoling Invasion: On the way to the Zapfish, you’ll find a yellow ramp leading to a higher platform. Look behind the ramp and smash the crate for another scroll.

Sunken Scroll #9 – Unidentified Flying Object: Past a gusher valve you’ll find pyramid-like steps leading to a grated ramp. Look under the ramp to discover a scroll crate.

Sunken Scroll #10 – Inkrail Skyscape: Upon encountering a three-high level set of inkrails, activate them all and jump up to the second inkrail. Ride it around the back of the tower.

Sunken Scroll #11 – Invisible Avenues: Past a checkpoint, you’ll have to splatter ink onto a ramp to reach another warp point. Before entering the warp, spray ink on a hidden platform below, beneath the ramp.

Sunken Scroll #12 – Flooder Junkyard: Past a flooder moving in a square pattern, there’s a small platform with an inkrail in the back left corner. Activate the inkrail and ride it a little bit, then turn around to spot a secret platform beneath the inkrail’s starting point. Activate the secret area’s own inkrail to get down there.

Sunken Scroll #13 – Shifting Splatforms: When you get the suggestion to climb the big thingamajig, don’t start climbing quite yet. Instead, swivel around the big thing’s corner to find a stack of three crates. The top crate has your scroll inside.

Sunken Scroll #14 – Octoling Assault: At the park, there’s a gusher launcher on a higher platform. Swing right and backtrack around the ledge to find a scroll crate hidden above the fracas.

Sunken Scroll #15 – Undeniable Flying Object: This one is easy. Continue past the purple splatter until you reach a checkpoint with a wall to the right obscuring a semi-hidden catwalk containing a scroll crate.
Sunken Scroll #16 – Propeller Lift Fortress: Jump across the water to reach a wall you’ll have to swim over. Paint the taller left-hand tower with crates on top, then turn around to find a single floating platform. Paint the edge to make this tricky jump.

Sunken Scroll #17 – Octosniper Ramparts: Past a checkpoint, you’ll find an octosniper just behind a rope net. Drop though the rope netting to discover this stage’s hidden scroll crate.

Sunken Scroll #18 – Spinning Spreaders: Encountering spreaders and flying octo enemies, you’ll eventually reach an especially long spinning spreader. Ride it to jump onto a floating island on the right of the path containing a warp point and a crate.

Sunken Scroll #19 – Tumbling Splatforms: Climbing a wall after platforming by a spinning floor, you’ll reach a yellow grating with three visible balloons ahead. Drop through the yellow grating and turn around.

Sunken Scroll #20 – Octoling Uprising: At the top of a pyramid-like set of steps leading to an inkrail, just over a metal grating ramp, fall beneath the metal grating ramp to discover a platform below with your scroll.

Sunken Scroll #21 – Unwelcome Flying Object: Past a checkpoint, follow the winding path on the right up a smooth ramp to a mesh fence. Swim under it and follow the path to a lonely scroll crate guarding by an octoenemy.

Sunken Scroll #22 – Splat-Switch Revolution: Complete activating a splat-switch that revolves a large plus-sign shaped platform to reveal two enemies on the wings, avoid the warp floating in the center and swim around to the back of the platform. There’s an extra jutting ledge with a scroll crate.

Sunken Scroll #23 – Spongy Observatory: After a checkpoint, you’ll reach a jump with two tiny sponges that need ink to cross the gap. Before spraying them, look down and a little left or right. There are secret extra tiny sponges you can spray. Make the sponges enlarge, jump down, and discover a hidden platform with the scroll.

Sunken Scroll #24 – Pinwheel Power Plant: When Agent 1 warns you of an octotrooper on a pinwheel, ride the spinner to a platform left of the enemy with a crate. Smash the crate open to collect your scroll.

Sunken Scroll #25 – Far-Flung Flooders: Jumping across metal shelves to a green warp point, ignore it and drop to a secret secondary warp beneath the more obvious one. Use it and destroy the crate beneath the two balloons in the center of purple gushers.

Sunken Scroll #26 – : Follow the left-hand side to an inkrail leading up. Take it and back-track past the inflatable cover to a helicopter pad marked with a wind-sock flag.

Sunken Scroll #27 – Unavoidable Flying Object: This one can be tricky. In a narrow alcove along the center-ish left of the park, there’s a ramp that leads up to a tiny smaller ramp. Ride up both to find a tiny platform with the final scroll crate.

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