Gran Turismo 5 Compatible With Move

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The latest instalment of Sony’s flagship racing series, Gran Turismo 5, is going to be compatible with the PlayStation Move.

Sony’s PS3 motion controller was officially revealed to the public this week, and information on what games will be compatible with it is already trickling out. On the official product page for the Move is a list of games and nestled in amongst the party games and sport minigames collections is Gran Turismo 5.

The Gran Turismo series is known for it its realism, and exactly how that will translate to motion control isn’t clear, although if I had to guess, I’d say a pair of Move controllers used as some facsimile of a steering wheel. Also mentioned on the product page are Split/Second and ModNation Racers, which suggests a certain theme to the Move titles.

Gran Turismo 5 is slated for release sometime this year.

Source: VG247

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