Grand Theft Auto IV For PC Early Details


Rockstar has provided an early look at the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV at the Leipzig Games Convention, showing off improved graphics, optimized control schemes and more.

Steve Hahnel of Rockstar claimed the game’s visuals would be “polished well beyond what they were on the 360 and PS3,” including a higher level of detail and more realistic lighting effects, improved textures and support for resolutions up to 2560×1600. Movement animations have also been improved, although Eurogamer says some work remains to be done, describing Niko moving down stairs as though he’s got a “wonky” ankle.

Another new addition to the game is the “replay editor,” a TiVo-like option that automatically records the previous 30 seconds of gameplay, allowing gamers to go back and watch when something particularly cool happens . The editor will also allow players to cut and paste game footage, add filters and switch camera editors, while a “montage editor” will link multiple 30-second clips together. Movies created with the editors can be shared online via the internet and the Rockstar Social Club.

Changes to multiplayer action are also being implemented, including the addition of filters that will allow for more control over the types of games players take part in. Hahnel added that Rockstar is “expanding” upon the current Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer options, although he wouldn’t offer any specifics.

The game will support both Xbox 360 controllers as well as a more PC-conventional mouse-keyboard setup, and Hahnel said there is still “a lot of polishing and cleaning” to be done before the game is released. Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC is set to launch on November 24.

Source: Eurogamer, via Blue’s News

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